FAA Raises Concerns With IAE V2500 Engine
FAA AD V2500 Engine

FAA Raises Concerns With IAE V2500 Engine

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a new airworthiness directive (AD) for the International Aero Engines AG (IAE) V2500 engine.

IAE V2500 is a two-shaft turbofan targeted at short- to medium-haul transports; it is used on the Airbus A319, A320 and A321ceo as well as on Boeing/McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and Embraer KC-390.

The IAI estimates that around 190 airlines and lessors from 70 countries operate the V2500 engine, being mostly used on the A321ceo.

FAA Raises Concerns With IAE V2500 Engine
Lufthansa A321 powered with IAE V2500 Engine (Photo by TJDarmstadt)

Previous Problems

On March 21st, the FAA issued an Emergency AD which required the removal from the service of the affected High-Pressure Turbine (HPT) 1 st-stage disk installed on the engines mentioned before.

a diagram of a jet engine
IAI V2500 Engine Cutaway

This emergency AD was prompted after a Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321-231, powered by IAE V2533-A5, experienced an uncontained HPT 1 st-stage disk failure; this resulted in an aborted take-off. You can read all the details about this incident in the next article.

Required Actions

The uncontained failure of an HPT 1st-stage disk resulted in high-energy debris penetrating the engine cowling; this debris damaged the engine and may result in the complete loss of the aircraft.

This AD requires removal of the affected high-pressure turbine (HPT) 1st-stage disks from service.

men working on a large engine
V2500 Engine (Photo by MTU )

The FAA states that the AD is effective as of April 28th, also that the removal of the affected HPT 1st-stage disks must be accomplished within 5 cycles after the effective date.

For the removal of the HPT 1st-stage disk, the FAA estimates that it will take around 226 hours. At a cost of $85 per hour, each engine will cost $19,210 plus a parts cost of $335,690 making a total of $354,900.

This AD concerns the following turbofan engines: IAE V2522-A5, V2524-A5, V2525-D5, V2527-A5, V2527E-A5, V2527M-A5, V2528-D5, V2530-A5 and V2533-A5.

Feature Image by IAE