British Airways A350 and Emirates B777 Collide in Dubai
British Airways A350 Collide Emirates 777 Dubai

British Airways A350 and Emirates B777 Collide in Dubai

Yesterday night a British Airways Airbus A350 collided with an Emirates Boeing 777 in Dubai, UAE.

This incident was first reported by @Airline_Kitty and its possible to see that the 13-year-old Boeing 777-3000ER was parked on the Tarmac at the moment of the incident.

The Emirates Boeing 777-300ER, with registration A6-EBR, arrived yesterday at Dubai from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

On the other side, the British Airways A350, with registration G-XWBA, was performing a pushback to leave Dubai to London Heathrow; the BA A350 was performing flight BAW106 when the incident occurred. The aircraft was due to depart from Dubai at 01:30 and arrive in London at 06:15.

In the next tweet, it is possible to see the damage caused on the Airbus A350s left horizontal stabiliser.

a white plane wing with a broken wing
Image provided by @airline_kitty

More photos on the next tweet:

Feature Image courtesy of Airline Kitty by various source