Emirates will not resume normal flights until July at the earliest, according to their updated schedule.

The carrier was due to resume scheduled flights by mid-May but in its latest inventory, reservations for all flights between 15th May and 30th June have been suspended.

A number of flights have been scheduled to start operation on 1st July, just as the third quarter begins. The schedule could be revised again before July. The latest schedule details can be seen here. The situation remains dynamic during the COVID-19 pandemic and flight schedules can be changed again.

As arguably the world’s most recognisable carrier, Emirates is seen as an indicator of when the international airline industry is likely to improve.

a group of airplanes at an airport
Emirates A380 and B777 fleet at Dubai Int'l

In recent weeks Emirates has been operating a number of special repatriation flights and cargo-only services, after all regular passenger flights were suspended by the UAE government.

They have stepped up Covid-19 precautions on-board their flights and crew are now required to wear personal protective equipment.

Source: GDS, Airline Route Blog and Aviation Business ME