Yesterday, a Qatar Airways Boeing 787 collided with an Airbus A350, of the same airline, at Doha’s Hamad International Airport.

In the next video it is possible to see the 787-800, with registration A7-BCT, colliding into an A350-900, due to the strong winds.

According to Cranfield Analyst, at the time of the incident there was a violent storm in the area; with winds gusting from around 19kt (35 km/h) to 61kt (113 km/h).

The 787, which was parked on the tarmac, was rotated 90 degrees and the cockpit hit the right side fuselage of the A350-900 – possible registration A7-ALJ – causing damage to both aircraft. It should be noted that an empty 787-8 weighs around 110 tonnes.

The Boeing 787-8 entered into service for Qatar Airways 5.3 years ago and her last flight was on April 29th, from Delhi, India to Doha.

This is the second time, within a month, that this type of incident has occurred.

On April 15th a Japan Airlines 737 was also rotated 90 degrees, again due to high winds, and hit a boarding bridge. All details in the below article:

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Feature Image: Cranfield Analyst