FedEx MD-11 Lost Wheel take-off
FedEx MD-11 Lost Wheel take-off

A330 And MD-11 Experience Loss of Separation in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department has launched an investigation over a loss of separation at 18:15 on 22nd May.

The incident occurred when a FedEx MD-11 freighter, registered N595FE, was approaching Runway 25L. Meanwhile, a Hong Kong Airlines A330-300, registered B-LNM, was in the midst of a takeoff roll.

On final approach, the crew of the FedEx MD-11 noticed that the A330 ahead had not fully departed from the runway; they then decided to execute a missed approach.

a jet plane flying over water
Hong Kong Airlines A330. Picture: Flickr/Melvinn…

The Hong Kong Airlines A330 was not immediately impacted and continued the published takeoff procedures, according to a press release. Shortly after becoming airborne, the crew were instructed by the Hong Kong tower controller to not climb above 2000 feet; this was likely to regain adequate separation with the MD-11.

An Aviation Herald report has revealed that the MD-11 overtook the A330 overhead the runway, it was ahead by 0.5nm when the A330 crossed the end of the runway.

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The FedEx MD-11 executed a missed approach. Picture: Flightradar24

The incident is being investigated by the Hong Kong Air Accident Investigation Authority. The Civil Aviation Department have labelled it as “serious.”

Both aircraft have continued operation without incident. The Hong Kong Airlines A330 continued flight HX-765 to Bangkok, while the FedEx MD-11 landed safely following the flight from Anchorage.

It is of note that the A330 had no passengers on-board at the time of the incident.

Article Sources: Civil Aviation Dept. and Aviation Herald