US Block Chinese Airlines
US Block Chinese Airlines

Reported by Reuters, the Trump administration said that it is planning to block Chinese airlines from flying into, and out of, the United States starting on 16th June; after the Chinese government effectively prevented US airlines from resuming service between the countries.

The restrictions will take effect on 16th June. The order applies to Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and Capital Airlines.

Full document can be accessed here.

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Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have asked to resume flights to China this month, even as Chinese carriers have continued US flights during the pandemic.

Trump’s administration on 22nd May accused the Chinese government of making it impossible for US airlines to resume service to China, they then ordered four Chinese carriers to file flight schedules with the US government.

China's "Five One" Flight Policy

China's government launched its "Five One" policy at the end of March, in a bid to curb the COVID-19 crisis; allowing one airline to serve one country from one Chinese city to one foreign city, with no more than one flight a week.

However, many foreign airlines are anxious to see more international routes allowed into China. The "Five One" policy has caused a shortage in terms of capacity and travellers flying to China from overseas are facing very steep airfares, in the current COVID-19 climate.

Article Source: Reuters