An Eastern Airlines Boeing 767-300 has skidded off the taxiway after landing at Cheddi Jagan Airport in Georgetown, Guyana. The chartered aircraft was returning more than 200 Guyana citizens who had been stranded in New York.

The aircraft, registered N706KW, vacated Runway 24 at approximately 14:00 local time on 15th July. Almost immediately after turning onto Taxiway Charlie, the aircraft’s right main landing gear exited the pavement and became stuck in the grass. Local media reports have indicated that no injuries were sustained in the incident.

Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Egbert Field, told Stabroek News that an investigation has been launched.

“[The aircraft] landed and after landing, it left the runway and turned onto the taxiway and while on the taxiway, taxiing to the terminal, the right wheels departed from the paved section of the taxiway onto the soft grassy portion of the side of the taxiway.”

Egbert Field

According to the ATC weather report, Cheddi Jagan Airport was experiencing light-to-moderate rain showers at the time. Airport authorities have said the taxiway was extremely slippery when the incident occurred.

Picture: DPI Photo/Stabroek News

Eastern Airlines has been operating repatriation flights from New York to Georgetown, as part of Guyana’s COVID-19 response plan; such flights have also been operating from Miami. The B767 was due to fly to Miami later that evening.

Cheddi Jagan International Airport two asphalt runways. Runway 24 was in use at the time.

RunwayDimensions (Feet)Dimensions (Metres)
06/247448 x 1512270 x 46
11/295003 x 1511525 x 46

Article Sources: Various Local Media (SN and iNews) Feature Image: Portão 1 via Twitter

Passengers disembarking the aircraft following the incident. Picture: DPI Photo/Stabroek News