Aeroflot A321 Truck Crash
Aeroflot A321 Truck Crash

Aeroflot A321 Damaged After Collision with Fuel Truck

An Aeroflot Airbus A321-200 has been damaged at Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport, after a fuel truck collided with the front of the aircraft.

The incident occurred at 05.49 on 1st August. The exact circumstances are unknown; but the aircraft was parked at a remote stand, parallel to the airport service road. Early reports indicate that the fuel truck may have accidentally veered off the road, subsequently becoming lodged under the A321’s nose.

Although no passengers or crew were onboard the aircraft, local media agency КУРЬЕР СРЕДА has reported that the truck driver was seriously injured.

Images taken at the scene clearly show that the driver’s cabin sustained extensive damage. Furthermore, a section of the A321’s nose cone was ripped off.

“The car and the aircraft are damaged, there are no casualties. The event did not affect the functioning of the airport … The circumstances and causes of the event are being established.”

TRANSLATED: Moscow-Sheremetvyo Airport Press Department (via Kurer Sreda)

This is a developing story. We will provide updates as more details come to light.

Feature Image: DixiNews (via Twitter)