A340 Restaurant Turkey
A340 Restaurant Turkey

Unique A340 Restaurant Conversion Hits the Market

COVID-19 may have dealt the Airbus A340 its final card, as airlines seek to retire this four-engined aircraft. In Turkey, however, this iconic airliner may have a new life beyond the pandemic.

Turkey’s largest restaurant, Körfez Uçak, converted a retired Airbus A340 into a restaurant with seating for 280 peope. Prior to its 2014 retirement, TC-JDK flew for Turkish Airlines for over 21 years.

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Interior of the restaurant. Picture: Körfez Uçak Restaurant (Facebook)

In 2016, the scrapped A340 was cut into eight pieces in Istanbul and transported to its new home in Burhaniye, Turkey. Real estate agent Huseyin Caliskan told Xinhua that the move was a logistical nightmare and required seven trucks!

Since its opening, the aviation-themed restaurant has become a key attraction in the area. Numerous couples have even hosted their weddings in the relatively small fuselage, according to Mr Caliskan.

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A dinner party under the wing. Picture: Körfez Uçak Restaurant (Facebook)

After suffering from serious health problems, the entrepreneurial owner has decided to sell the restaurant (including the aircraft) for its original price tag of 10 million Lira ($1.42 million).

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TC-JDK in its original Turkish Airlines livery. Picture: Flickr/Bulent KAVAKKORU

It remains unclear as to why two engines are missing. The owner may have purchased the A340 with only two engines, in an attempt to save money.

Short video on the aircraft. Video Source: Xinhua News

Source: Fleet data and Xinhua