Iran Air Force B747 Damaged
Iran Air Force B747 Damaged

Iran Air Force B747 Badly Damaged After 6 Years in D Check

The Iranian Air Force's only 747-200B, registered 5-8106 an ex-Iraqi Airways machine (ex YI-AGN) that Iran took over as war reparations at the end of the 1980s, has suffered severe damage after an engine run caused it to either suffer a brake failure or jump the chocks, during an engine run at Tehran's downtown Mehrabad airport.

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This unfortunate event happened at the conclusion of a six-year long D-check. Although the aircraft will be repaired, and most likely re-engined with the JT9Ds of Iran Air's last 747SP-86 registered EP-IAC, the effort and cost associated with a D-check would appear to have been invalidated.

Photo via Sharham Sharifi