Keyvan Aviation is offering the World's first airline antibacterial and antiviral crew uniform. This outfit can be made available to all flight and ground crew, which will provide a higher level of safety against bacteria and viruses.

Viruses can easily attach to the surface of the fabric and persist for days or even months. For this reason Keyvan Aviation are using Silver Ion technology in their uniform fabrics, the fabric actively blocks the potential for viruses to multiply.

Produced from 97% cotton and tested according to international standards, the new uniforms are produced from fabrics suitable for even sensitive skin. In addition, the moisture vapour transmission feature in the fabric provides comfort throughout the day. The fabric maintains its antimicrobial properties even after washing 100 times at 60°C.

Features of Uniform Fabrics

  • Antimicrobial
  • Long time wash guaranteed
  • Breathable Skin-friendly and healthy
  • Anti-odor No pilling
  • Ability to easily remove dirt and stains
  • Slim fit and body fit
  • Sustainable material
  • Comfort
The First Airline Antibacterial and Antiviral Crew Uniform by Keyvan Aviation
The First Airline Antibacterial and Antiviral Crew Uniform by Keyvan Aviation

I reached out to Keyvan Aviation and asked their Chairman & CEO, Mehmet Keyvan the following questions.

Q: Why is a corporate jet management company designing uniforms now?

Keyvan Aviation started with the aim of offering luxury and quality services to the world of aviation and from the beginning the company started with two main departments, aerofashion and business jet.

We have used our experience in luxury lifestyle in business jet decoration and sale and delivery in our aerofashion department as well. Since there is no fashion company providing uniforms for the cabin crew, and most of the airlines are looking for well known fashion free lance designers to order their designs from, we decided to run our own aerofashion department; including our in-house design team and strong supplying system to create a professional fashionable and elegant look for the crew, as well as taking care of their comfort, safety and efficiency. 

Q: Visually is there any notable difference to the uniform compared to pre-COVID ones?

Not at all. We try to use a full body cover design as a part of our main uniform design. It means that the body will be covered, but when you look to the crew you see they are well prepared, elegantly dressed and ready to perform their duty. We are also offering a covid-free label for our customers, so they can put it on the uniforms to inform their passengers that they already upgraded their uniforms to a higher standard. 

The First Airline Antibacterial and Antiviral Crew Uniform by Keyvan Aviation
The First Airline Antibacterial and Antiviral Crew Uniform by Keyvan Aviation

Q: Are there any airlines interested so far? Has any airline tested the product, if so what is the feedback?

Because of the Covid 19 situation all of the airlines around the world are facing financial difficulties; since this product is not about luxury and is more about keeping people safe, we are discussing with our customers how to support them in these difficult days. The product has only been launched very recently and we have received a good amount of interest from airlines and airports, we are currently negotiating with them to meet their requirements.

Q: Do the crew still have to wear gloves and other PPE in addition to the uniform?

Having the antibacterial and antiviral uniform will prevent you from carrying the virus and the bacteria, it means that when you are in the public transport airport area or inside the airplane the risk of carrying virus and bacteria will be decreased by 99.99%. Our design will cover the full body but you will still need your gloves and mask for better safety.

Q: What standards does the new antibacterial uniform follow?

For our product we are following several ISO standards, these are ISO 18184 (Determination of antiviral activity of textile products) as well as ISO 20743 (test method of determination of anti-bacterial activity of textile products), and ASTM E2149 (Determining The Antimicrobial Activity Of Immobilized Antimicrobial Agents Under Dynamic Contact Conditions) which is done in internationally accredited Labs.

Keyvan Aviation has designed an innovative product so that cabin crew can stay safe and comfortable in this challenging period, as well as keeping their fashionable and elegant look on their flights.