American Eagle ERJ145 Veers Off Runway at Bahamas

American Eagle ERJ145 Veers Off Runway at Bahamas

Yesterday, an American Eagle Embraer ERJ145 veered off the runway at Freeport Airport, Bahamas.

The aircraft operated by Envoy, registered N674RJ, was performing flight AA4194 from Miami, FL (USA) to Freeport (Bahamas) with 25 passengers and 3 crew onboard.

a plane crashed in the grass

According to an American Airlines statement, the aircraft landed on Runway 06 but veered to the right; it then careered off the runway and came to a stop. Both of the main gear struts had collapsed, after completing a near 180-degree turn and heading against its landing direction.

The Tribune has stated that two passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. American Airlines has blamed the incident on an “issue with the rear landing gear”.

the back of a plane
Photo by The Tribune
an aerial view of a road
Approximate final position (by AvHerald)
a car driving on a road
Runway inspection after the incident