ANA New Airline
ANA New Airline

ANA To Launch New Airline and Retire 22 B777s

Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has unveiled plans for a new airline. The carrier, which is currently unnamed, will solely use Boeing 787s on “low-cost, medium-distance flights” to destinations in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The new “third airline brand” will be positioned midway between the full-service ANA and their budget subsidiary, Peach. Operating a simple two-class configuration (Business and Economy) this airline will aim to capture “Asian growth markets”.

“By using the current Air Japan entity as the foundation, the brand will be capable of responding to sudden changes in demand and begin operations quickly after its establishment.”

ANA New Pricing Model
Pricing Model

Air Japan, ANA‘s charter brand which also operates many regular B787 services, will be equipping this airline with Dreamliners featuring “300+ seats”.

The airline is set to launch “around fiscal 2022” (April 2022 to March 2023).

ANA Airline Structure

Overall Business Transformation

ANA Group has committed to “transforming the services of each airline” to match the values of the “new normal” during and post COVID-19.

ANA will retire a total of 35 aircraft in 2020, an addition of 28 aircraft from their initial plan of seven. Out of the 35 aircraft to be retired, 22 are Boeing 777s.

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Additionally, both existing airlines will aim to reduce necessary costs and adapt to the COVID-normal:


Full-service ANA will move towards “universal service” which aims to “meet the needs of the post-COVID customers”.

ANA will Realise a growth model that can continuously generate profits in the post-COVID era. The airline will reduce costs by improving productivity with “more automated operations”.


Low-cost subsidiary Peach will soon add Airbus A321LRs to their fleet, allowing an expansion of “medium-distance international routes”. Currently, Peach operates a single-class, budget, service on short-haul routes around East Asia.

Additionally, Peach will “enter the air cargo business” in collaboration with ANA; allowing the group’s air freight market to expand.