A TikTok user has been slammed after a video emerged of the man cooking a steak in a Delta plane lavatory. Retweeted by Southwest, the now-deleted (apparently fake) TikTok video begins by stating “they don’t have hot meals anymore on airplanes, so I came up with a solution”. 

The stunt saw Marcus Munroe, a New York prankster, pretend to use canned heat (powered by smokeless ethanol gel) within the toilet bowl. He then lays down an aluminium grilling sheet across the seat, puts the steak on the grill and drizzles some white wine for it to marinade in.

Satisfied with the cooking of his steak, Munroe waltzed back to his seat onboard the Delta aircraft. He then proceeded to tuck-in before asking his viewers if he will be banned from the airline.

In the hours after Southwest’s tweet, according to JohnnyJet, Munroe apparently confirmed that the video was an illusion, with no actual fire being started aboard the aircraft. The prankster has previously been slammed for cutting a woman’s hair while asleep onboard an aircraft, although that was a set-up too.


We have no words. Other than please don’t even think about cooking a steak on one of our flights.”Now-deleted Southwest Tweet

Article Source: JohnnyJet