Today an Air Djibouti Boeing 737-500 suffered the collapse of its main landing gear at Garowe, Somalia.

According to the AvHerald, the 28 year old aircraft, with registration EY-560, was performing flight IV-206 from Hargeisa (Somalia) to Mogadishu (Somalia) with intermediate stops in Hargeisa and Garowe. During the landing at Garowe Airport, it suffered the collapse of the right-hand main gear at low speed.

After the collapse the aircraft veered off the runway to the right, it came to a stop within the runway edge; this left the aircraft resting on the right-hand engine, left main and nose gear.

Of the 39 passengers and 5 crew, nobody was injured and all disembarked onto the runway and were taken to the terminal.

Local media have reported that the airport has not had an operating fire truck for about 2 months now, due to a missing tire, because of this it it could not respond to the incident, although smoke could be seen from the landing gear.

Photo by @Dalmae_DiriE