European nations, and more countries around the world, have begun to impose travel bans on the UK, after it reported a more-infectious and "out of control" coronavirus variant.

Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and a growing number of other countries are all halting flights to and from the UK. The measures vary and are initially short-term, however the restrictions imposed by the French government are also affecting Channel freight.

Within hours of the UK announcement on Saturday, the Netherlands said it would ban all passenger flights from the UK until 1st January.

In Ireland, which has significant passenger traffic with the UK at this time of year, the government announced that flights arriving from England, Wales and Scotland would be banned for 48 hours at least from midnight, "in the interests of public health, people in Britain, regardless of nationality, should not travel to Ireland, by air or sea".

In Germany, an order from the ministry of transport said planes from the UK would not be allowed to land after midnight on Sunday, although cargo would be an exception.

Belgium suspended flights and train arrivals from the UK from midnight on Sunday for at least 24 hours, as a "precautionary measure".

Italy is blocking all flights from the UK until 6th January. The first case of the UK variant has also been detected in Italy, the health ministry reported on Sunday. The patient is in isolation in Rome.

Austria is to ban flights from the UK. Bulgaria has suspended flights to and from the UK from midnight but, unlike the short-term measures in many other nations, its ban will last until 31st January.

Turkey has temporarily banned all flights from the UK as has Switzerland, India, Hong Kong, Canada, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Denmark, Kuwait, Tunisia, Iran, Israel, Latvia, El Salvador, Romania, Czechia, Croatia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Sweden, Colombia and Poland.

UK PM Boris Johnson will chair a meeting of the government's emergency committee later.

This post will be updated regularly with latest development on flight ban from UK.

Source: BBC News and Twitter