Air Cargo is an industry that is always responding to rapidly changing situations or crises. I have called it “Crisis Management”. Before the current pandemic, many underestimated the importance and contribution of cargo logistics to global trade. It is the cargo industry that keeps the world's supply lines moving, whilst we’re stuck at home.

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of cargo logistics to keep the world moving.

We have seen how the air freight sector has undergone a massive upheaval in the past 12 months, including enormous disruption to capacity supply and demand patterns, tremendous pricing volatility, as well as huge operational challenges such as quarantine regulations and other staffing issues with border restrictions.

Shape the future of the industry with Cargo Talks

Cargo Talks has been organized to take the pulse of the air cargo industry and exchange ideas among valuable stakeholders of the sector. The free webinar will provide a platform for logistics and supply chain professionals, along with aviation enthusiasts, where they can share information, expand their network and learn about industry trends.

I invite everyone to register and join the free webinar event to broaden their insight on cargo logistics. I will be presenting as moderator of the Cargo Talk live from Istanbul in the studio and it is free for all to join. There are great prizes to win.

When and how to attend?

On 10th February 2021 11:30 GMT

You need to register here to be participate in the interactive events. It is free to all.

Prizes To Win

3 x worldwide Business Class round flight tickets for the top three ranks of our Kahoot quiz (fastest with the most accurate answers wins). The results will be announced at the end of the webinar. Those who want to take part have to register to the event and answer the questions when they pop up during the live show.

1 x worldwide Economy Class round flight ticket for the winner of the interactive break game (highest score wins). The results will be announced at the end of the “program break” session. Those who want to take part have to register to the event and play the game that will pop up during “program break”.

The Cargo Talks Program

The high-level industry event by Turkish Cargo is composed of ‘Future of Air Cargo’ and ‘Digitalisation in Air Cargo’ panels and an extensive presentation on ‘Vaccine Transport’.

The representatives of the industry will brainstorm and discuss important developments such as the condition of air logistics during the pandemic period, rising costs, flexibility areas, digitalisation and smart technologies.

Why should you attend?

  • Unique business, networking and branding opportunities
  • Engage with senior experts and decision makers across the entire supply chain
  • Debate and influence the future of Air Cargo
  • Hear world class speakers talk about the latest trends and issues impacting Air Cargo

Who will you meet?

  • Airlines
  • Solution providers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Airports
  • Ground handlers
  • Regulators

I will be hosting the Cargo Talks live from Istanbul on 10th February. You can share information, expand your network and learn about industry trends.

Please register here to shape the future of air cargo.

Save the Date - 10 February 11:30 GMT