Delta Airlines B717 Skidded Off Taxiway at Pittsburgh

Delta Air Lines B717 Skids Off Taxiway in Pittsburgh

Yesterday, prior to take off, a Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 skidded off the taxiway at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The 18-year-old aircraft, with registration N998AT, was about to complete its turnaround and return to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, as flight DL2231, when it slid off taxiway Foxtrot, which is adjacent to the runway 10R. There were 77 people on board the aircraft and nobody was injured.

“While on taxi-out prior to departure, Delta flight 2231 from Pittsburgh to Atlanta exited the taxiway paved surface. Delta teams worked with the airport authority to safely transport customers back to the terminal. We apologize to our customers for the delay and inconvenience and are working to re-accommodate them as quickly as possible.”

Passengers said they were stranded on the plane for three hours, as first responders tried to find the best way to get everyone out, because the plane was tilted up. As passengers were unable to leave by the front doors, they had to be evacuated from the aircraft via its rear exit. In the above photo you can see a deflated slide hanging off the plane, but it was not used due to the angle of the aircraft; instead of the slide, firefighters used stairs.

According to the airport’s statement, the incident had no impact on other flights or operations. The National Weather Service reported light snow at the time of the incident, along with foggy conditions and three-quarter mile visibility.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people. That’s why Delta is conducting a full review of Flight 2231 on Feb 10th, in coordination with the Allegheny County Airport Authority and other aviation stakeholders. Delta teams are working to safely move the aircraft from the ground surface near the taxiway this afternoon.

Delta Airlines Statement

Cover Photo by @andrewrush/Post-Gazette