Cathay Pacific will axe all flights to Australia, except Sydney, as well as many of their North American and European routes. The Hong Kong flag carrier’s decision comes in response to a mandate from the SAR government – stating that all returning flight crews must undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine. The only exception is for Hong Kong-based crews who have flown to China.

The routes being cut are:


  • Australia – Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
  • New Zealand – Auckland


  • United States – San Francisco
  • Canada – Vancouver

Middle East

  • Israel – Tel Aviv (one flight will operate from Hong Kong on 23rd February)


  • South Korea – Seoul
  • Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
  • Philippines – Cebu (one return flight will operate on 26th February)
  • Taiwan – Kaohsiung (one return flight will operate on 27th February)

Cathay Pacific says that the flight cancellations are a necessity amid crew shortages and ever-tightening border restrictions. All suspensions will begin on 20th February, when the crew quarantine program begins.

An internal memo, obtained by SCMP, states that flight crews will quarantine at a company hotel at Hong Kong Airport, as well as an additional hotel provided by parent group Swire. In order to maximise efficiency, crews will fly continuously for three weeks. Staff will also be paid an extra allowances before they begin quarantine.

Cathay Pacific will continue operating to:


  • Australia – Sydney


  • United States – Los Angeles, New York
  • Canada – Toronto


  • United Kingdom – London (one-way from Hong Kong only)
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam (one-way from Amsterdam only)


  • Indonesia – Jakarta, Surabaya
  • Japan – Tokyo, Osaka
  • Singapore – Singapore
  • Philippines – Manila
  • Thailand – Bangkok
  • Taiwan – Taipei
  • China – Beijing, Shanghai