A Key Lime Air Swearingen Metroliner SA226TC and a private Cirrus SR-22 collided in midair approximately four miles north of Centennial Airport in Denver, Colorado, around 10:25 local time on 12th May. The pilot of the Cirrus deployed the aircraft’s parachute and landed in a nearby neighborhood. The pilot of the Swearingen landed at Centennial Airport. Two people were onboard the Cirrus and one person was onboard the Swearingen.

According to the Avherald, Key Lime Air Metroliner, registration N280KL and performing flight KG-970 from Salida, Co to Denver Centennial, Co with one crew, was on a visual approach to Centennial's runway 17L; they had been cleared for the approach and had begun descending through 6400 feet about 3nm north of the threshold runway 17L.

The private Cirrus SR-22, registration N416DJ with two people on board, was cleared for a visual approach to runway 17R and had been advised of the traffic landing on the parallel runway. The Cirrus descended through 6400 feet about 3nm north of the threshold of runway 17R, but overshot the centerlines of both runways 17R and 17L.

The two aircraft collided and the Cirrus apparently struck across through the fuselage of the Metroliner just above the wings, taking out the whole cabin section at that point. The Metro crew declared emergency on the tower frequency, reporting that their right-hand engine had failed and reported that they saw another aircraft on parachute going down. There were no injuries.

ATC communications of the accident can be heard on the YouTube videos below:

Key Lime Air released the below statement:

Key Lime Air has received confirmed reports that on March 12th, 2021 at approximately 10:20 Mountain Time one of our cargo aircraft, a Fairchild Metroliner was on approach to landing at Centennial Airport when it was struck by another aircraft. The Metroliner sustained substantial damage to the empennage and tail section, but the pilot was able to continue the approach and landed safely. It is our understanding that the pilot of the other aircraft, a Cirrus SR22, deployed the ballistic recovery parachute and that the pilot and passenger did not suffer injury.

Key Lime Air Statement

Cover Photo: via AvHerald