Air New Zealand Kiwi
Air New Zealand Kiwi

Air New Zealand B787 Children’s Flight Drew a Giant Kiwi in the Sky

Air New Zealand’s charity has taken a special group of children on a mystery flight adventure. Koru Care, a charity established to give children with illnesses or disabilities the opportunity to see the world, took 50 children on a unique flight path around the centre of New Zealand today.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flight, Registration ZK-NZE and flown by Chief Pilot Captain David Morgan, traced a Kiwi after it departed from Christchurch this morning towards the West Coast of New Zealand, looping around Taranaki then taking a few turns before landing back in Christchurch.

Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran, who travelled on today’s flight NZ4376 (NZHERO), said that it is uplifting to offer a special charter flight for kids who aren’t usually able to travel offshore, due to medical conditions or family situations.

“Today’s flight is a real heart warmer. Some of these children have never been on a plane before, so we wanted them to experience the excitement of flying and our teams have pulled out all the stops to make today a magical experience for our Little Heroes.”

Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran

The charity was originally started by a team of volunteers from Air New Zealand. It now has four branches around New Zealand with each one independent and run by teams of dedicated volunteers.