Last week I travelled with JSX from Las Vegas to Dallas. This is a review of my experience flying JSX.

JSX is an FAA part 135 charter operator, not an airline. I was able to check-in quickly from their own facility in Las Vegas, in just a few minutes, and there was no invasive TSA security screening. JSX has their own hangar and waiting area, which is quite different to the usual crowded airline terminal.

I was allowed early access to the ramp to film some footage. I met up with Captain Lydia. (She passed her captain checkride just a few days ago!) The JSX cockpit crew wear black polo shirts instead of the usual pilots uniform. Lydia shared with me her amazing stories in pursuing flying, you can watch the video here.

JSX Embraer 135 Jet
JSX Embraer 135 Jet

I pre-boarded the Embraer 145 jet on the ramp. The plane is fitted with a 1-1 seating configuration, so there is no middle seat, meaning that there is no seat neighbour to share with.

It is an idea "born during the pandemic" to give passengers more space. Since JSX is a part 135 charter operation, the maximum allowed seating is 30; so re-configuring the plane into a 1-1 single seater configuration is a very smart idea. My recommendation is the right hand side seat, you have more room and a large drink holder/side table.

Beware: There is no overhead bin storage onboard JSX. You will have to check your hand carry bag, but you will be able to retrieve it quickly on the ramp during dis-embarkation.

Onboard JSX Embraer 145 with 1-1 seating configuration
Onboard JSX Embraer 145 with 1-1 seating configuration
JSX Embraer 145 1-1 seating configuration
JSX Embraer 145 1-1 seating configuration

Beware: The 1-1 seating configuration is currently being used mainly on the Texas routes. The West Coast routes are being served with 1-2 traditional seating, having a 36" seat pitch and with 30 seats total.

During my flight, I spoke to the JSX pilots, crew and a few passengers about their experience onboard. There were 2 passengers who had brought their pets onboard, as other airlines have stopped accepting emotional support animals onboard or have been shipping pets as cargo during the pandemic. A decent selection of free drinks (including alcohol) and snacks were served onboard.

The flight time to Dallas was 2 hours 30 minutes, part of this time was spent flying over some very scenic views of the Grand Canyon.

After landing in Dallas, the checked baggage was placed on the tarmac before any passengers had deplaned. I got my bag within a minute and then the next minute I was in a pre-booked car driving away from the private terminal. The whole experience on JSX was swift, much faster than flying into and out of a crowded airport terminal; also a great alternative to having to go through lines of check-in and TSA screenings.

My Verdict

JSX does cost slightly more than the usual airlines, but you will save lot of time and hassle using their private terminal upon departure and at arrival. It is however only a fraction of the cost of flying in private jet. So if the price and schedule is right, why not? Hint: Buy your ticket in advance to get the best fare. Dallas to Houston is priced at $99 one way only via JSX in advance purchase!

Lastly, I interviewed CEO of JSX, Alex Wilcox, on the future expansion plans of JSX and whether or not more planes will be re-configured to 1-1 seating. Alex also shared with me how he started in aviation, almost 3 decades ago. Watch the video below.

Video of Flying JSX