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Private Jet Empty Leg Pricing Worldwide 23rd Sep – 29th Sep

Latest Empty Legs

Empty legs are heavily discounted one-way re-positioning private jet flights. They are often available at very last-minute short notice. Hence it requires some flexibility on the planning side.

FronteraSky has provided some empty leg pricing below. Remember, the pricing below is for one-way flights of the entire jet. You are welcome to bring more passengers to share the private experience at no extra cost.

Empty leg availability are on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to frequent changes.

Europe (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
26-Sep26-SepParis, LBGZurich, ZRHPhenom 1004$ 4,500
02-Oct02-OctGeneva, GVABerlin, BERCitation CJ16$ 6,000
03-Oct03-OctIstanbul, ISLDalaman, DLMLegacy 5009$ 6,500
29-Sep30-SepBulgaria, SOFKiev, KIEPiaggio Avanti7$ 6,600
25-Sep25-SepIreland, KIROxford, OXFLegacy 5008$ 7,900
26-Sep26-SepEdinbourg, EDIFrance, LILCitation M25$ 8,500
06-Oct06-OctBiggin Hill, BQHGeneva, GVACitation M24$ 9,500
27-Sep28-SepParis, LBGLyon, LYNHawker 900XP8$ 12,400
05-Oct05-OctPeterola, FLRLondon, LTNHawker 7508$ 13,100
04-Oct04-OctFrance, CFRPoland, RZENextant 400XTi7$ 13,800
01-Oct01-OctPortugal, CATJersey, JERCitation CJ38$ 16,200
01-Oct03-OctNice, NCEDemnark, CPHPhenom 300E9$ 17,600
25-Sep26-SepKiev, IEVParis, LBGLearjet 60XR7$ 25,500
27-Sep30-SepMoscow, VKOBrescia, VBSFalcon 900 EX Easy13$ 35,900
07-Oct07-OctEdinburg, EDIMiami, OPFGulfstream G-40014$ 50,000
07-Oct08-OctNice, NCEDubai, DWCGlobal 600013$ 79,500

Middle East (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
25-Sep26-SepDubai, DWCOman, MCTGlobal Express XRS14$ 7,000
26-Sep26-SepAmman, ADJBeirut, BEYLegacy 50010$ 8,500
26-Sep26-SepCairo, CAIIstanbul, ISLCitation Sovereign9$ 9,000
25-Sep25-SepDubai, DWCDoha, DOHChallenger 60510$ 11,000
01-Oct03-OctTel Aviv, TLVLuxor, LXRLearjet 60XR7$ 12,800
05-Oct07-OctDoha, DOHJeddah, JEDGulfstream G-65012$ 15,500
02-Oct05-OctKuwait, KWIDubai, DXBLearjet 60XR7$ 17,500
27-Sep30-SepDubai, DWCTel Aviv, TLVChallenger 3009$ 25,000
25-Sep25-SepSharjah, SHJIstanbul, ISLHawker 800XP8$ 27,000
29-Sep30-SepJeddah, JEDDubai, DWCHawker 8509$ 29,000
01-Oct01-OctSharm El Skeikh, SSHHurgada, HRGGlobal 500011$ 29,000
27-Sep28-SepRiyadh, RUHSpain, IBZChallenger 85013$ 32,000
03-Oct06-OctOman, MCTBodrum, BJVGlobal Express13$ 45,000

Africa (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
26-Sep26-SepJohannesburg, JNBCape Town, CPTLearjet 45XR9$ 6,900
27-Sep30-SepMadagascar, NOSKenya, NBOPhenom 300E7$ 21,000
26-Sep26-SepCasablanca, CMNMilan, LINLearjet 407$ 23,000
29-Sep30-SepHarare, HREBotswana, MUBGulfstream G-45015$ 24,200
02-Oct05-OctKenya, NBOJohannesburg, JNBFalcon 50 EX9$ 32,000
25-Sep25-SepAlgeria, ALGLondon, OXFHawker 7508$ 35,000
27-Sep28-SepAccra, ACCSpain, IBZChallenger 85013$ 48,000
03-Oct04-OctGabon, LBVSenegal, DKRFalcon 900B14$ 49,000
01-Oct03-OctRabbat, RBARiyadh, RUHChallenger 60512$ 55,000
04-Oct07-OctLagos, LOSMalaga, AGPLegacy 65013$ 67,000
01-Oct01-OctMauritius, MRUJeddah, JEDChallenger 3009$ 69,000
25-Sep25-SepMalawi, LLWDubai, DWCGulfstream G-45014$ 74,000
25-Sep26-SepLanseria, HLAGermany, NUEGlobal Express12$ 114,000

Asia (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
29-Sep30-SepSeoul, ICNBinhai, TSNGlobal 500014$ 13,000
25-Sep25-SepShanghai, PVGHong Kong, HKGGulfstream 2009$ 29,000
03-Oct04-OctKarachi, KHIDubai, DXBLearjet 60XP7$ 32,500
27-Sep28-SepMongolia, ULNWuhan, WUHChallenger 2809$ 32,000
02-Oct05-OctAstana, NQZMoscow, VKOChallenger 3007$ 38,000
26-Sep26-SepHong Kong, HKGShanghai, PVGHawker 400XP8$ 39,000
26-Sep26-SepNarita, NRTBeijing, PEKChallenger 2808$ 44,000
04-Oct07-OctDelhi,DELBaku, GYDFalcon 200010$ 47,000
25-Sep25-SepMaldives, MLEDubai, DWCLegacy 60013$ 49,000
01-Oct03-OctThailand, DMKAlmaty, ALAChallenger 60512$ 69,000
01-Oct01-OctIndonesia, HLPTashkent, TASChallenger 85014$ 98,000
27-Sep30-SepHaneda, HNDMaldives, MLEChallenger 60412$ 108,000
25-Sep26-SepSingapore, SINSydney, SYDGlobal 600012$ 139,000

If you didn't find the required empty leg, you can always send in your request to FronteraSky representatives to find some upcoming availabilities.

Empty leg availability are on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to changes.

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