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Private Jet Empty Leg Pricing Worldwide 10th Nov to 17th Nov

Latest Empty Legs

Empty legs are heavily discounted one-way re-positioning private jet flights. They are often available at very last-minute short notice. Hence it requires some flexibility on the planning side.

FronteraSky has provided some empty leg pricing below. Remember, the pricing below is for one-way flights of the entire jet. You are welcome to bring more passengers to share the private experience at no extra cost.

Empty leg availability is on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to frequent changes.

Europe (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
11-Nov11-NovNice, NCEAustria, INNCitation CJ27USD 4,000
11-Nov14-NovUnited Kingdom, LYXSpain, PMICitation M25USD 7,500
12-Nov12-NovGreece, ATHGeneva, GVAPhenom 300E9USD 8,400
14-Nov17-NovLondon, NHTMilan, LINChallenger 60412USD 10,000
13-Nov13-NovParis, LBGNice, NCELegacy 65013USD 11,800
15-Nov16-NovCypus, PFOBiggin Hill, BQHChallenger 6019USD 19,000
12-Nov16-NovGermany, HAMTel Aviv, TLVCitation XLS+8USD 20,500
16-Nov17-NovIstanbul, ISLDubai, DWCChallenger 3008USD 23,000
16-Nov17-NovMoscow, VKONice, NCELegacy 60013USD 32,000
28-Nov28-NovLondon, FABAmman, ADJLegacy 65013USD 35,000
14-Nov14-NovCannes, CEQ Amman, ADJLegacy 65013USD 38,000
21-Nov23-NovMoscow, VKOOman, MCTLineage 1000E19USD 51,000
13-Nov15-NovNice, NCEDubai, DWCGlobal 600013USD 60,000
20-Nov20-NovNice, NCEDubai, DWCGlobal 600013USD 60,000
17-Nov21-NovGeneva, GVACalifornia, LAXFalcon 8X14USD 88,000

Middle East (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
14-Nov17-NovTel Aviv, TLVCairo, CAIChallenger 3508USD 6,000
13-Nov15-NovAmman, ADJBeirut, BEYLegacy 50010USD 8,500
14-Nov14-NovCairo, CAIIstanbul, ISLCitation Sovereign9USD 9,000
16-Nov17-NovCairo, CAIAswan, ASWGulfstream G-2009USD 12,500
08-Dec08-DecAmman, ADJAthens, ATHHawker 800XP8USD 14,000
20-Nov20-NovDoha, DOHJeddah, JEDGulfstream G-65012USD 15,500
21-Nov23-NovKuwait, KWIDubai, DXBLearjet 60XR7USD 16,500
11-Nov11-NovCairo, CAIDubai, DWCChallenger 60512USD 23,000
12-Nov16-NovJeddah, JEDDubai, DWCHawker 8509USD 24,000
16-Nov17-NovDubai, DXBBodrum, BJVLegacy 60013USD 25,000
11-Nov14-NovDoha, DOHDubai, DWCAirbus 318 Elite19USD 26,000
13-Nov13-NovSharjah, SHJIstanbul, ISLHawker 800XP8USD 27,000
15-Nov16-NovDubai, DWCMaldives, MLELegacy 60013USD 28,000
28-Nov28-NovAmman, ADJLondob, FABLegacy 65013USD 35,000
12-Nov12-NovDubai, DWCSingapore, SINGlobal 600014USD 71,000
17-Nov21-NovRiyadh, RUHTeterboro, TEBCulfstream G-IV18USD 130,000

Africa (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
11-Nov11-NovJohannesburg, JNBCape Town, CPTLearjet 45XR9USD 6,900
16-Nov17-NovMorocco, RABFrance, LBGCitation Latitude8USD 14,500
15-Nov16-NovTripoli, MJIMalta, MLAFalcon 1007USD 15,500
14-Nov17-NovMorocco, CMNFrance, NCECitation CJ36USD 17,000
12-Nov12-NovCasablanca, CMNMilan, LINLearjet 407USD 23,000
12-Nov16-NovCasablanca, CMNMilan, LINLearjet 407USD 23,000
20-Nov20-NovKenya, NBOJohannesburg, JNBFalcon 50 EX9USD 32,000
16-Nov17-NovGabon, LBVPortugal, LISChallenger 60512USD 34,000
13-Nov15-NovGabon, LBVSenegal, DKRFalcon 900B14USD 49,000
17-Nov21-NovZambia, LUKDubai, DWCGlobal 600012USD 52,000
14-Nov14-NovLagos, LOSMalaga, AGPLegacy 65013USD 67,000
13-Nov13-NovMauritius, MRUJeddah, JEDChallenger 3009USD 69,000
11-Nov14-NovNigeria, LOSDubai, DWCGlobal Express13USD 70,000
21-Nov23-NovHarare, HREIstanbul, ISLFalcon 7X14USD 85,000
28-Nov28-NovSenegal, DKRVienna, VIEChallenger 65011USD 86,700

Asia (Slide Right for Pricing)

StartEndFromToAircraftCapacityStarting Price
13-Nov13-NovPhuket, HKTMalaysia, SZBHawker 7508USD 11,000
11-Nov14-NovSeol, ICNSouth Korea, PUSGlobal 600011USD 13,000
15-Nov16-NovIndonesia, DPSJakarta, HLPLegacy 60013USD 20,000
13-Nov15-NovMalasya, SDKJakarta, HLPGlobal 600012USD 20,900
17-Nov21-NovShanghai, PVGHong Kong, HKGGulfstream 2009USD 29,000
11-Nov11-NovChina, XMNTaiwan, KHHHawker 400XP7USD 31,000
14-Nov14-NovKarachi, KHIDubai, DXBLearjet 60XP7USD 32,500
12-Nov12-NovHong Kong, HKGSeoul, ICNCitation X8USD 38,000
16-Nov17-NovAstana, NQZMoscow, VKOChallenger 3007USD 38,000
14-Nov17-NovSingapore, SINMaldives, MLEChallenger 60411USD 44,000
16-Nov17-NovMauritius, MRUMaldives, MLEGlobal 600012USD 49,000
21-Nov23-NovMaldives, MLEDubai, DWCLegacy 60013USD 49,000
20-Nov20-NovThailand, DMKAlmaty, ALAChallenger 60512USD 69,000
12-Nov16-NovIndonesia, HLPTashkent, TASChallenger 85014USD 98,000

If you didn't find the required empty leg, you can always send in your request to FronteraSky representatives to find some upcoming availabilities.

Empty leg availability is on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to changes.

When There's No Commercial Flight

FronteraSky provides private air charter services around the world, in particular, to support oil & gas industry and defense contractors in remote and challenging environments.

Whether you are flying to or from Iraq, Colombia, Afghanistan, or any challenging destinations, FronteraSky is an expert in coordinating and conducting successful aerial operations in these locations. FronteraSky’s team is experienced in international and local regulations. They will be able to locate the right aircraft for the mission as well as finding security, logistics, and immigration support.

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