Boeing 777X
Boeing 777X

Exclusive: Inside the Experimental Boeing 777X

Flight BOE001 B777-9, registration N779XW, flew from Seattle to Dubai last week. This is the first time the new Boeing 777X attend a major airshow. I had the pleasure to catch her landing in Dubai, after a near 15 hour flight from Boeing Field.

a large airplane on a runway
a large airplane on the ground
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Interior of B777X

At the Dubai Airshow, I visited the Boeing 777X. This is the first time that Boeing have allowed visitors to get onboard and inside the airplane! Let’s find out what the inside of the 777X is like?

It is an experimental airplane, with no fancy interiors but a lot of workstations, terminals and water barrel tanks. I spoke with the Boeing test engineers, pilots and commercial staff on the 777X testing and certification program.

Check out the cockpit, folding wingtip, engine and test instruments inside the aircraft.

Boeing expects the B777X to complete certification in 2023.

Watch the full video for a detailed explanation of the 777X testing from engineers and pilot.

a man standing in a plane
a man standing in a plane
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a man standing in a plane
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B777X Cockpit

The B777X cockpit looks similar to the B787, with 5 large colour screens; with HUDs being optional. A key feature is a switch that can fold the wingtip at the overhead panel, just before the plane enters the runway.

I interviewed pilot Heather Ross. She spoke from the cockpit in my video on the cockpit features.

the inside of a plane
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Flying Display

The Boeing 777X performed flying displays on the first 3 days of the Dubai Airshow. It was a massive crowd draw, to see the largest twin-engine airplane take to the sky. It did a very steep climb than several passes with an almost a "barrel roll". The plane quickly levelled off and did several more passes, with her wing dipping on each side. Watch the full 777X video for the flying display.

a white and blue airplane in the sky
a plane flying in the sky
a blue and white airplane flying in the sky

Watch the full video for all the excitement flying action