On 4th February, a Sun Country Boeing 737-800 suffered a collapse of its right-hand main landing gear on touch down after a problem with the landing gear retraction on take off.

According to Avherald, the 20 years old aircraft with registration N817SY performing flight SY-110 from Las Vegas to Minneapolis, USA was climbing out of Las Vegas’ runway 01R when the crew stopped the climb at 9500 feet due to a problem with the retraction of the right-hand main gear.

a screenshot of a flight route

The crew performed troubleshooting and about 30 minutes after departure decided to return to Las Vegas and landed 40 minutes after departure. After touching down, the right side main landing gear collapsed and the aircraft came to a stop on the runway.

Onboard were 50 passengers plus 6 crew, all were disembarked by stairs, no major injuries were reported.

a blue object on a wood surface

“We will first and foremost take care of our passengers and crew. We will then fully investigate this incident to understand what happened.”

said Sun Country CEO Jude Bricker to Knsiradio

Cover Photo via Twitter/Aeronews