On 6th February a Delta Air Lines Airbus A321 suffered a blown tire causing a runway excursion on landing at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, USA.

The 2 month-old aircraft with registration N129DN, performing flight DL-1277 from Dallas to Atlanta (USA), landed on runway 09R and sustained an excursion crossing the grass before stopping on taxiway “R”.

According to AvHerald, another aircraft waiting for departure on runway 09L alerted the control tower to a problem on 09R. The runway was closed for some time and all aircraft on final approach to runway 09R went into a go-around. All the 172 passengers on board were off the aircraft about 2:40 hours after landing, no injuries were reported.

As the aircraft crossed the grass area, lots of earth and mud were ingested into the engines and blown across the fuselage and wings.

“Upon landing at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Delta flight 1277 operating from Dallas Fort Worth, experienced a flat tire and the plane came to rest on the taxi way. While the aircraft receives maintenance, customers are being deplaned and bused to the terminal.”

a Delta Air Lines spokesperson said on statement

The FAA said they will investigate, but that pilots are trained for these sorts of issues. “Each landing gear has multiple tires and pilots are trained how to safely respond to these situations,” FAA officials said.

Cover Photo via Twitter/@aviationbrk