Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) has officially launched its operational plan for this Hajj season with commercial flights that began on June 4, 2022.

SAUDIA will operate 300 extra domestic and international flights and provide more than 120,000 extra seats during the Hajj season of 2022. 14 aircraft will be dedicated to the Hajj operation only.

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Engr. Ibrahim Al-Omar, Director General of SAUDIA Group, was on location to receive pilgrims arriving from the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur, personally wishing them a blessed Hajj journey.

Al-Omar added that the airline has mobilized its entire workforce and technical capabilities to work harmoniously with other government agencies on ensuring a seamless Hajj journey.

He further assured that SAUDIA’s years of experience managing high-volume flight periods has prepared the airline to handle peak times, especially this year since the Hajj season happens to coincide with summer.

Every business line within the company was involved in formulating and implementing the operational plan to ensure that domestic and international flights proceeded smoothly across the country and four continents in which inbound flights are scheduled.

Al-Omar added that SAUDIA continues to invest in growing its fleet of aircraft to meet the target numbers of pilgrims transported to and from the Kingdom.

Free Luggage Transfer for Pilgrims

Pilgrim groups flying with SAUDIA will enjoy the convenience of having their luggage picked up from their residences in Makkah and Madinah 24 hours prior to their flights home. The convenient service relieves the pilgrims of having to carry their luggage to the airport and having to check it in themselves.

This additional service seeks to eliminate the possibility of luggage jams and crowding at the airport prior to the Hajj pilgrims’ return trips home.

To take advantage of the luggage transportation service, group representatives should contact the service providers in Makkah and Madinah in advance to coordinate the time and place of the luggage pickup.

Representatives in Makkah may contact the service provider in Makkah through the email address or via WhatsApp at (+966) 51 522 38 12.

For Madinah, the email address is and the WhatsApp number is (+966) 51 522 38 13.

Please note this service is only available for pilgrims travelling in groups.

SAUDIA mentioned it will provides informative in-flight content to help the pilgrims prepare for their nusuk, created in collaboration with government agencies.

New Awareness Campaign

SAUDIA has launched a new awareness campaign, in six languages, intended to inform pilgrims on the guidelines of the carry-on luggage to ensure a safe and seamless journey.

The campaign thoroughly covers all aspects of luggage handling with clearly illustrated content located at more than 20 international and domestic stations, as well as hotels, camps, and Holy Sites in Makkah and Madinah.

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Among other rules, the campaign’s content alerts pilgrims against carrying fluids of any type, including ZamZam water, in their luggage. It also stresses that all luggage should be organized and packed with precaution to eliminate the possibility of any inconveniences.

Cover image: Ageel Dasugi