These new conceptual seats opened up more flexibility for the airlines and some may represent more comfort for passengers. None of them are certified but nevertheless, they represent something out of the norm.

Aviointeriors from Italy had some bold and interesting conceptual seats on display at the recent Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg.

The 7.9 kg FABRY Seat

According to Jason Rabinowitz, The FABRY seat is basically a metal frame with a fabric covering and small headrest. 7.9kg per passenger seat.

Heric and DoDo

Heric (Herringbone in cruise) and DoDo (Double Double bed) is a family of products allowing seating accommodations tailored for the airline’s requirements. Your seat area can be converted to a lie-flat one from Economy seating in just minutes.

The airline can suit its cabin to the route night-day time duration and to the expected cabin occupancy.

Butterfly - Premium Economy to Lie-Flat Flexibility

The seat has the ability to have two business class, or nice premium economy class seats, on short flights where demand is high and the price premium for business is class is limited. The seat is yet to be certified.

The single lie-flat seat on one side of the plane starts out as two standard business class seats in a 2-2 configuration.

For longer flights where sleep is at a premium, these two business seats can be quickly converted to single lie-flat sleeper suite in less than a minute with a flip of the backseat.

Chaise Lounge Seat

The bold concept seat is found by TU Delft student Alejandro Nunez Vicente. His goal is not to cramp more economy seats but provide more comfort to the passenger who couldn't afford the premium class.

Passengers seating on the lower side can fully stretch their legs.

The seat is first featured in Aircraft Interiors Middle East (AIME) 2022 show. See the video below: