Lufthansa Has ‘Left The Crisis Modus Behind Us,’ CEO Says
Lufthansa Has ‘Left The Crisis Modus Behind Us,’ CEO Says

Lufthansa Strike With 134,000 Passengers Affected – What you Need to Know?

The union ver.di has called on Lufthansa ground staff throughout Germany to take part in a one-day warning strike. For this reason, there will be major restrictions on the Lufthansa flight schedule on Wednesday, 27 July.

In Frankfurt, a total of 678 flights will have to be canceled, including 32 already today (Tuesday) and 646 on Wednesday, 27th July. This is expected to affect 92,000 passengers.

At the Munich hub, a total of 345 flights will have to be canceled, 15 of them already today (Tuesday) and 330 on Wednesday, 27th July. It is expected that 42,000 passengers will be affected.

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Passengers affected by cancellations will be informed immediately today and rebooked on alternative flights if possible. However, the capacities available for this are very limited.

Lufthansa Press Release

Lufthansa has published the information below:

It is currently the peak travel season. Therefore, it may take longer until Lufthansa can offer you an adequate rebooking solution. If you have not received any notification from Lufthansa within 18 hours of the cancellation message, please check the current status of your booking yourself online at You can also adjust your rebooking there if necessary. There, you will also have the opportunity to adjust your rebooking if necessary. Please also constantly check the status of your flight on

Your flight has been cancelled and Lufthansa has given you an alternative?

If you have been informed about a rebooking, we strongly recommend that you use this alternative. Please only contact a Service Center if it is absolutely impossible for you to travel with the booked alternative.

Your flight has been cancelled and Lufthansa has not informed you of an alternative?

After a rebooking, Lufthansa can only actively notify you if you have provided your contact details. If you have not received an alternative flight, please enquire via the self-service booking page My Bookings. Please only contact a Call Centre if you cannot find an alternative on the website. Please also avoid travelling to the airport. Due to the strike, only a few service counters if any are open there. It is therefore highly unlikely that you will be offered an immediate alternative there either.

If a domestic Lufthansa flight is cancelled, you can exchange your ticket for a Deutsche Bahn ticket free of charge. The exception here is travel if you also have a cancelled international connecting flight in Frankfurt or Munich. Please remember to make a reservation, which you can do via the Deutsche Bahn site. You can submit costs to Lufthansa afterwards.

You have booked an international flight to Germany, but your international onward flight from Frankfurt or Munich has been cancelled?

In this case, Lufthansa recommends rebooking for another day. Should you take your flight to Frankfurt or Munich without a confirmed alternative for the onward flight, there is a high risk that you will not be able to continue your journey for several hours or even days. In such a case, please also note the visa regulations for entry into Germany. If you are able to make your own travel arrangements (e.g. rental car, bus, train), please keep all receipts for subsequent reimbursement. The same applies to any hotel accommodation.  

Know Your Rights

In case you have travel insurance yourself or through a credit card this might be the time to consult the fine print and see how it would cover you in case of trip interruption or cancellation. Be aware that many insurance providers might consider a strike as force majeure.

The European Regulation EC261 rule is a legislation that requires airlines such as Lufthansa to compensate passengers in the event of:

  • Denied boarding
  • Flight cancellation
  • Long delay of flights (three or more hours)

Under EC261 you may be eligible for compensation up to EUR 600 if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours or gets canceled. AirHelp helps air passengers around the world secure compensation for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights.

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How to File a Claim?

AirHelp can help you if you have a flight disruption within the EU (on any airline), leaving the EU (on any airline) or arriving into EU (on a EU airline).

AirHelp can help you to determine whether you’re eligible for compensation and claims through the easy 1-2-3 steps on their website.