With Hong Kong fully reopening to the world, it announced a plan to distribute nearly 700,000 free airline tickets to residents and visitors.

This plan called “World Of Winners” was first announced on October 2022 to promote the recovery of the aviation industry, tourism, and economy of Hong Kong.

Well, this free ticket giveaway will be finally happening.

Hong Kong To Distribute Free Tickets To Boost Tourism

As of March 1, 2023, 500,000 free airline tickets will be handed out to visitors by Hong Kong’s three home-based airlines: Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines as well as Hong Kong Express.

These tickets will be given away to visitors in major passenger markets and they will be distributed in phases through their respective channels in major passenger markets.

Phases Of Hong Kong’s World Of Winners Giveaway

The free giveaway tickets will be distributed in phases according to the following schedule and the exact launch dates will be announced near the date by the respective airlines.

Here are the phases that last for six months (March-August):

MarketsTimeline (2023)
Southeast Asia (for inbound)
March 1 onwards
Mainland China 
(for inbound)
April onwards
Northeast Asia (for inbound)May onwards
Hong Kong (for outbound)June onwards
Other markets (for inbound)May onwards

Tickets will be given away through different types of activities such as lucky draw, first-come-first-served, or “Buy 1 or more – Get 1 Free”, as arranged by the participating airlines’ plan and local regulations. Further details will be provided by the respective airlines on their websites in the coming weeks.

You can register for this giveaway on each respective airline’s website below. Keep in mind to keep an eye of the webpage until the registration opens.

  • Cathay Pacific – here
  • Hong Kong Airlines – here
  • Hong Kong Express – here

Apart from 500,000 giveaway tickets to visitors, around 80,000 tickets will be given away to Hong Kong residents and a further 80,000 to residents in Greater Bay Area.

Giveaway Terms & Notes

There are a couple of points you need to keep note of. Firstly, the tickets sponsored by Airport Authority are given in Economy Class.

Moreover, all related surcharges, fees, and taxes would be borne by the winners of the tickets. This means even if you have received a free ticket, you would still need to pay taxes and fees.

You can check the full details about the promotion here.


The Airport Authority Hong Kong(AAHK) and three Hong Kong-based airlines will be launching a “World of Winners” free ticket giveaway.

With the plan to boost Hong Kong’s depleted tourism due to the pandemic, it will giveaway almost 700,000 free airline tickets to residents and visitors between March to August 2023.

Remember to check the airline’s link above to register for the giveaway!