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Etihad Guest Program Major Changes on Award Redemption

Starting from March 10, 2023, Etihad Guest will be introducing two new award redemption charts that are based on the ‘Distance Range.’ One chart will be based on Etihad operating flights and another will be a partner redemption chart.

Previously, Etihad’s award chart differed by routes and its partner airline had their own award chart. There were several sweet spots. However, the award partner chart will now be unified as one.

Here are the new award charts that will be in effect as of March 10, 2023.

New Etihad Airways Award Chart

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Though not all, the new award chart for Etihad Airways shows some mild devaluations in business class seats and significant devaluation in first class awards. For example, a flight from Abu Dhabi(AUH) to Paris(CDG) required 85,294 miles in first class on the old system but the new award chart will cost 140,000 miles.

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Please do keep in mind that Etihad also mentioned there will be a premium redemption fare applied based on demand and availability. This means the routes with high demand may have much higher award costs.

New Etihad Partner Award Chart

Not only there are changes to Etihad’s own Guest program, but its 20 partner award charts will also be unified in one single chart. Now, this distance-ranged chart will cause significant devaluations on some partner awards.

For example, before the change, you could fly from Los Angeles(LAX) to New York(JFK) on American Airlines first class for 32,500 miles. However, with the new system, you will have to redeem 67,000 miles for the same sector.

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You can compare how the award cost devaluated by comparing the old award chart for American Airlines below.

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American Airlines Redemption Chart From Etihad Before The Changes

Another sad example of devaluation is with ANA. Before, you could book a first class from Tokyo(HND) to New York(JFK) for 156,000 miles. However, this same route will be increasing to 200,000 miles now.

Etihad Guest Now Allows Online Partner Redemptions

While the award pricing changes are sad news, there is also good news. Effective March 10, 2023, members are now able to book partner awards online at the Etihad website. Initially, all partner redemptions had to be booked through the contact center but the new system will allow you to conveniently book online.

American Airlines and Virgin Australia will be the first two partners which can be bookable while the rest of the partners still require reservations through the customer service centers, the airline is trying to upgrade the system in the future to allow all partner awards to be booked online.


Although there are some devaluations in the partner awards, except for the first class seats, the cost of the award for Etihad flights is not greatly affected. Furthermore, you can now redeem American Airlines and Virgin Australia flights online as Etihad is upgrading the system for more partner awards to be redeemed easily.