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American Airlines AAdvantage Award Goes Dynamic

Last December, American Airlines‘ AAdvantage program announced there will be major changes to its program as of 2023. Initially, it announced the changes in elite tier requirements as well as rebranded Loyalty Point Rewards.

Well, as of Wednesday, April 5, 2023, there have been significant changes including devaluations in the award redemptions which AAdvantage has been prompting about.

American Airlines AAdvantage New Award Chart

The AAdvantage program revealed a new award redemption chart on Wednesday on American Airlines-operated flights and it does not seem to be good for some routes. This newest simplified award chart will be fully dynamic which means the award pricing will vary depending on the time and dates.

Here is the simplified award chart the program has revealed.

American Airlines AAdvantage
American Airlines AAdvantage Dynamic Award Chart

The dynamic award chart on the airline’s website resembles the lowest available redemption ‘starting price’ with the exact number of miles required for redemption can be only known during the booking. As I mentioned above, the mileage needed to book an award can be significantly more or less than the chart above.

Here is the comparison of AAdvantage’s older chart before April 5, 2023.

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American Airlines AAdvantage Award Chart Until April 5, 2023

The old award chart offering a somewhat fixed award as well as Web Saver, MileSAAver Off Peak, MileSAAver, and AAnytime have all been eliminated.

Here is a sample award from New York(JFK) to Doha(DOH) on American Airlines Business Class with the dynamic award pricing.

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Before the change, a one-way Business Class for the above route cost around 125,000 miles while First Class cost 160,000 miles. And now, the award rates have increased significantly to 300,000 miles on Business and 340,000 on First.

Furthermore, there is a big change in select international long-haul routes as the AAdvantage will charge two flight awards if your one-way trip includes two long-haul international flights.

This means if you travel from London to Sao Paulo on American Airlines First Class, the ‘starting price’ will be priced independently depending on the region, possibly giving higher rates.

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Cost from London to Sao Paulo on 2 awards. It used to be on one award.

Changes Are Not Allowed On Flight Awards

The so-called new Flight Award will also no longer allow changes to flights, rather you can cancel and reinstate your miles at no charge.

Here is an example: If you have a flight itinerary that has a connection “C” while flying from point A to B, you are not able to make changes from point A to C or C to B instead you have to cancel the whole ticket if you wish to make a flight change. This change will be adopted on all American Airlines flights booked on awards.

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Segment Changes On Flight Awards Are No Longer Allowed On American Airlines Flights

Flight Award Chart For Partners Are Unchanged

While AAdvantage changed the award redemption rates to dynamic pricing for American Airlines flights, thankfully, the award chart for partners was untouched, offering the same mileage required as before.

Here is a sample award from Miami(MIA) to Doha(DOH) on Qatar Airways. As you can see a one-way Business Class award still cost 70,000 AAdvantage miles.

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AAdvantage Miles Required On Partner Airlines

Furthermore, there are no changes made by partner awards when redeeming on American Airlines flights. For example, a one-way First Class award from New York(JFK) to London(LHR) costs an outrageous 266,000 AAdvantage miles, however, you can book the same with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles for just 85,000 miles.

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Dynamic AAdvantage Chart Doesn’t mean ALL Negative

Of course, Dynamic award pricing is something many frequent flyers do not want to see as the redemption pricing varies. However, in some cases, it offers lower rates than what is published on the award chart. You can book US domestic flights under 7,500 miles on some dates.

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American Airlines’ new simplified dynamic award chart has been effective as of April 5, 2023. The new award chart only shows the ‘starting price’ of the award since the rates will vary depending on dates and times.

Also, the redemption rates on certain international routes operated by American Airlines have been significantly devaluated so I recommend you book those routes through partner programs instead.

However, the American Airlines AAdvantage miles are still useful when redeeming on partners as there have been no changes to partner awards yet.