On the 9th of April, a full emergency was declared at Dublin Airport after a Ryanair flight from Liverpool suffered a nose gear failure and came to a halt on the runway.

The Boeing 737-800 with registration EI-DHH was performing flight FR5542 from Liverpool to Dublin. However, after landing on Dublin’s runway 28L at 5:30 pm, it suffered a failure in parts of the nose gear, causing the aircraft to veer momentarily to the left off the runway.

The crew got back on the centerline before attempting to exit the runway via a high-speed turn-off S5, approximately 1700 meters (5600 feet) down the runway. However, the aircraft came to a halt inside the runway strip. Following this incident, a full emergency was declared at Dublin Airport.

Footage shared on the internet shows that one of the tires was completely missing while the other in the picture was damaged.

Ryanair Boeing 737 Suffers Nose Gear Failure in Dublin
Image: Damien Storan

“A full emergency was declared at Dublin Airport this afternoon following the arrival of Ryanair flight FR5542 from Liverpool.”

DAA, Dublin Airport operator

“The Dublin Airport Fire Service responded, and the passengers disembarked the aircraft normally once the all-clear was given by the Airport Fire Officer,” added the airport operator.

Image via Twitter

As a precautionary measure, the air traffic control tower instructed the next arrival to perform a go-around. After coming to a stop, the crew requested information from the tower regarding the presence of smoke or fire, to which the tower responded that there was none at the time.

Ryanair confirmed that the aircraft had experienced a minor technical issue with its nose landing gear upon landing.

“This flight from Liverpool to Dublin experienced a minor technical issue with its nose landing gear upon landing. Passengers and crew disembarked normally and the aircraft will shortly be towed back to the hangar for further inspection by Ryanair engineers.”

Ryanair Spokesperson

Emergency services were dispatched to the scene, and the tower instructed all stations to maintain radio silence while they dealt with the situation, according to the Aviation Herald.

Source: FlightRadar24

Although one person was treated for shock, there were no reported injuries. National Ambulance Service personnel and medics met passengers on arrival inside the terminal. Flights into the airport were suspended during the incident.

Four flights were diverted as a result of the airport’s closure shortly after the incident. Among them were two Aer Lingus flights from Paris and Santiago and two Ryanair flights from Lanzarote and Malaga. The incident led to the suspension of services from the airport for some time. While the north runway resumed operations after some time, the south runway remained closed following the incident.

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