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2 Wing Collision Incidents: Delta and Aeromexico + EVA Air

On the 17th of April, an Aeromexico Boeing 737 collided with a Delta Airlines Boeing 757 at Mexico City International Airport.

The Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 with registration N649DL was taxiing via Bravo (B) before crossing runway 23L. In the meantime, the Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 with registration XA-AMO continued via taxiway Delta (D) for a departure on runway 23L.

However, during taxiing, the B737’s left upper winglet impacted the horizontal stabilizer of the Delta Boeing 757. Footage shared on the internet shows the part of the 737’s winglet embedded on the horizontal stabilizer of the 757.

an airplane on the runway
the tail of an airplane

Both aircraft were taxiing for departure out of Mexico when the incident occurred. Delta’s 757 was scheduled to depart as flight DL624 bound for New York-JFK whereas Aeromexico’s 737 was operating flight AM117 to Ciudad Juarez.

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Source: FlightRadar24

“Two aircraft on the ground, between taxiways B and D, had an impact between the wingtip of one and the horizontal stabilizer of the other, without causing harm to anyone. The corresponding authorities began an investigation to determine the causes.”

Mexico City International Airport spokesperson

Following the collision, both aircraft safely returned to the Terminal and no one was injured in the incident. Both aircraft have sustained considerable damage and have been grounded since the incident.

According to local reports, an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the incident.

EVA Air Boeing 777 Collide with Company A321 in Taipei

In another incident on April 16th, an EVA Air Airbus A321 collided with a Boeing 777 of the same airline at Taipei-Taoyuan International Airport while it was being towed.

The Airbus A321’s (with registration B-16227) right wingtip slammed into the nose of a parked EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER, with registration B-16740, resulting in significant damage to the B777.

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The A321 was being towed at the time of the incident. The A321’s wingtip was cut into the underside of the nose of the parked B777.

Feature Image via Twitter