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Hawaiian Airlines Unveils Boeing 787 Cabins

Hawaiian Airlines has unveiled its new business and economy class cabins for its upcoming fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. These new aircraft will start joining the airline’s fleet in late 2023, before commencing scheduled passenger operations early next year.

The Dreamliners will feature all-new fully flat business class seats named Leihōkū Suites, inspired by early Polynesian voyages. The Boeing 787-9s will feature 300 seats, comprising 34 Business Class suites and 266 main cabin Aspire seats manufactured by Collins Aerospace.

Moreover, the Main Cabin seats will include 79 Extra Comfort seats, which offer more legroom than standard Economy seats and provide access to AC outlets.

Hawaiian has ordered 12 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and deliveries are expected through the end of 2027.

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Hawaiian has 12 Boeing 787-9s on order

“The combination of our evocative cabin design and unparalleled service will make our 787 the most relaxing and enjoyable choice for travel to and from Hawaii. We take pride in sharing our home with our guests, and the design and details of this product truly reflect what it means to be the flagship carrier of the Hawaiian Islands.”

Avi Mannis, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Boeing 787 Business Class

  • An 18-inch in-flight entertainment screen
  • Direct aisle access and wireless charging

Hawaiian Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners will feature 34 business class suites in a 1-2-1 configuration with doors. Alongside the privacy doors, the suites can also offer a shared experience, with combined double seats for those travelling together.

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Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class
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Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class

In developing its Leihōkū Suite, Hawaiian became the first airline to partner with Adient Aerospace, a joint venture between the Boeing Company and Adient, renowned for their expertise in automotive seats.

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Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class

Hawaiian Boeing 787 Economy Class

  • 12-inch seatback monitor
  • USB-A and USB-C charging ports

Alongside the Leihōkū Suite, the new 787s will feature 266 Collins Aerospace Aspire economy class seats in a 3-3-3 configuration. 79 of these seats will be Extra Comfort, which offers more legroom than standard Economy seats and provide access to AC outlets at every seat

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Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Extra Comfort Economy Class

In addition to the in-flight entertainment screen and the charging ports, the economy class seats will feature a contoured back and armrests.

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Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Economy Class

Hawaiian Boeing 787 Cabin Inspiration

The new cabin has been designed to pay homage to the remarkable Polynesian navigators who traversed the vast Pacific Ocean, relying on their knowledge of the stars, sun, wind, waves, and wildlife. In their pursuit to celebrate the rich heritage of Pacific navigation, Hawaiian Airlines collaborated with design consultant Teague to transform their vision into a reality, blending tradition with modernity in the 787-9s.

The onboard lighting is inspired by the island’s sunrises and sunsets, whereas the Leihōkū Suites feature a star-lit ceiling which represents the constellations that guided Polynesian voyagers.

Hawaiian Airlines Unveils Boeing 787 Cabins
Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class Star-lit Ceiling

The video below delves into the background and design process of the new Boeing 787 cabins.

Image Source: Hawaiian Airlines