Man Opens Plane Door Midair on Asiana Airlines Flight; Dozens Injured
Man Opens Plane Door Midair on Asiana Airlines Flight; Dozens Injured

Passenger Opens Plane Door mid-air on Asiana Flight; Dozens Injured

A passenger aboard an Asiana Airlines flight opened an emergency door moments before the plane landed. This sparked chaos and panic among the 194 passengers in the wind-swept cabin. The chaos and panic was caught on camera.

On the 26th of May 2023, multiple passengers onboard an Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 were injured after a passenger intentionally opened one of the emergency exits inflight.

The Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 with registration HL8256 was performing flight OZ8134 from Jeju to Daegu, South Korea with 194 people onboard.

However, while the A321 was en route and descending toward its destination, one of the passengers intentionally opened a left-hand (L3) emergency exit door. As a result, at least twelve passengers suffered breathing difficulties and nine of them were taken to hospital.

Even though it was being circulated that the flight had been en route at FL210. The airline later added that the aircraft was on final approach descending through about 650 feet AGL (200 meters) when the door opened.

Footage posted on social media shows the open emergency exit door during the approach towards Daegu.

According to the Aviation Herald, the aircraft continued for a safe landing on Daegu’s runway 13R. On landing at Daegu, nine of the passengers were taken to a nearby hospital. They reportedly suffered breathing issues due to shock.

According to local media reports, a number of school-age children were aboard the airplane, en route to a weekend sporting event.

A parent of one of the students conveyed to Yonhap that the children were in a state of fear, visibly shaking and crying.

Some of the witnesses even said that the suspect attempted to jump out after opening the exit door. Flight attendants reportedly shouted for help from male passengers nearby. People from all around clung to him and pulled him in. 

The suspect is now under police investigation. Police said he was not drunk at the time of detention but remained silent about why he did.

Asiana Airlines has said that a full investigation has been initiated by the authorities.

Feature Image via FL360aero