10 Amazing Innovations I Saw at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2023
10 Amazing Innovations I Saw at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2023

10 Amazing Innovations I Saw at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2023

I visited the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2023 in Hamburg in the last few days to explore all the latest trends in cabin products from the world's leading suppliers. Here are the 10 new innovations I saw:

1. Boeing 777X Cabin Mock-Up

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The B777X offers the widest aircraft cabin in current production. Boeing claims it offers 18” width on Economy Seat on 10 seats abreast which is wider than its competitor (Airbus A350).

Watch this video for other features such as new swipe dimmable windows, curved overhead bins and cabin lighting.

2. Unique Onboard Seat for Wheelchair Users

Delta Flight Product came up with this flexible domestic First Class seat that can be folded to create electric power wheelchair space, so the wheelchair user doesn't have to get out and change to another seat.

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a wheelchair in a room

3. World’s First Seat Heating and Cooling System for Aircraft

Richard Branson made a joke in this video on April Fools' 8 years ago about airplane seats that will have heating and cooling control. This is no longer a joke but a firm reality!

Lufthansa's new Business Class will be the first to feature such a climate control function by CAYNOVA.

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4. Sustainable Deep Dyed Airplane Carpet

The lightweight colourful airplane carpet by LANTAL Textitles is not only visually customizable but also sustainable. They just won the Crystal Cabin Awards on sustainability for saving 60% of water and 80% of waste during production but also aircraft weight and thus CO2 emissions.

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5. Artificial Intelligence to Anticipate the Needs of the Customer

Collins Aerospace’s Intelisence could let airlines provide a more seamless service.

Cabin crew can use Intelisence to anticipate the needs of the passengers before they reach for the call button. This could let airlines provide a more seamless service. The data generated could also allow operators to plan resources more effectively, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

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6. Future Economy Class Concept - Double Decker Seating

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A new prototype of a double-decker plane seat has sparked a furious online debate. The Chaise Longue Economy Seat project by aircraft seat designer Alejandro Núñez Vicente went viral.

The double-decker design comprises two slanted layers of seating, configured diagonally on top of one another. The aim is to provide more legroom and comfort without compromising cabin space.

7. Butterfly Flexible Seating

The design allows instant transformation between premium economy seats and a business class flat-bed suite. This innovative design enables operators to adapt their cabin interiors to market changes - daily, seasonally, to different routes, and to different market needs.

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8. First Class Seat with Exercise Function

This premium seat by RECARO came with an active exercise mode. Passengers can do a series of easy exercises guided by the system and seat sensors will measure their level of fitness.

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9. Stretch Crew Jumpseat

The stretchable crew jumpseat by Airline Service Interiors can be installed at the single-body aircraft galley. It can be folded out and create a leg stretch space by removing a trolley cart.

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10. Built-in Audio and Headrest

Safran's latest Premium Economy Class seat not only came with a built-in multiple-way adjustable pillow, but it also came with audio.

a seat with a head rest