On 4th July 2023, an Emirates Airbus A380 sparked a small brake fire on landing at Birmingham Airport.

The Airbus A380-800 with registration A6-EUY, was performing flight EK39 from Dubai to Birmingham. However, a landing gear fire broke out as the aircraft was slowing down on Birmingham’s runway 15.

Flight EK39 stopped on the taxiway where the emergency services responded quickly and extinguished the fire. The passengers were instructed to stay on the aircraft and were stuck onboard for over an hour. 

an aerial view of a runway
Source: FlightRadar24

Footage shared on the internet shows the aircraft making a normal approach, but as soon as the wheels touch the ground, smoke swiftly engulfs the vicinity, and the aircraft appears to sway back and forth.

Subsequently, the aircraft was towed to the gate where passengers disembarked normally. 

Birmingham resident Dr. Gurraj Singh who was returning from Dubai said the landing felt like a “near-miss.”

an airplane on a runway
Source: FlightMode (Twitter)

“When the landing gear came out, there was a bit of smoke and fire that was noticed. I think it caught fire. When they landed the ground crew noticed and fire engines approached, they didn’t let the plane go further, they stalled, surrounded it, and checked for safety. Fire engines and ground safety crew were checking it.” Birmingham Resident Dr. Gurraj Singh.

“After the safe landing of Emirates flight EK 039 from Dubai to Birmingham on 4 July, the aircraft vacated the runway and was attended by emergency services and maintenance technicians as there were reports of smoke during taxiing.”

Emirates spokesperson

“A technical issue was identified, engines were shut down as a precaution and the aircraft was towed to a remote stand. Passengers and crew safely disembarked,” the spokesperson continued.

The aircraft remained on the ground for about 5 hours, then departed for the scheduled return flight EK40 and reached Dubai with a delay of about 2 hours.

Feature Image via Jet crayz