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Air Canada Boeing 777 Damaged by Fire in Montreal

On 9th July 2023, an Air Canada Boeing 777 was damaged after a truck which was parked underneath the aircraft caught fire at Montreal Airport (YUL). Some passengers were still on board the aircraft when the fire broke out.

The Boeing 777-300ER with registration C-FITL had arrived in Montreal as flight AC885 from Geneva. However, while it was parked at gate 66, a service truck that was located underneath the aircraft caught fire.

The fire reportedly began in the engine of the vehicle and quickly spread across the vehicle. As a result, the aircraft was engulfed in flames and thick black smoke. Due to the blaze, thick smoke entered the aircraft cabin. An airline spokesperson confirmed that some passengers were still on the plane when the fire broke out.

a truck on fire next to a plane

“In accordance with our safety procedures, the crew responded professionally by ensuring the quick deplanement of remaining passengers from the aircraft, which had landed from Geneva. We are very proud of our employees’ actions in responding to this incident.”

Air Canada Spokesperson

The intense heat from the fire caused damage to the fuselage, leaving visible signs of scorching.

Furthermore, it is evident that at least one door on the aircraft had also incurred damage due to the high temperatures.

a large white airplane with a truck on the side
Air Canada Boeing 777 Damage

No attempts were made to combat the flames using mobile fire extinguishers either from inside the aircraft or other vehicles until airport fire service trucks arrived.

About 20 firefighters were dispatched to the scene and the fire was under control in under half an hour.

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In a statement to CTV News, Air Canada confirmed that the vehicle which caught fire was a water truck. No injuries were reported, according to the authorities. The aircraft is currently out for a maintenance inspection.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it is believed that the water truck may have malfunctioned. The truck was carrying a full load of clean drinking water.

Images via Twitter (FlightMode, HavaSosyalMedya)