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Air China A320neo Evacuated After Engine Fire in Singapore

On the 10th of September 2023, an Air China Airbus A320neo performed an emergency landing and evacuation at Singapore Changi Airport, after one of its engines caught fire while descending.

The Airbus A320neo, with registration B-305J was performing flight CA403 from Chengdu to Singapore with 146 passengers and 9 crew onboard. However, while the aircraft was descending towards Singapore, the left-hand engine (PW1127G) caught fire and smoke developed in the cabin and cargo hold. Shortly after, the crew declared an emergency reporting they had received a forward cargo hold as well as a lavatory smoke indication.

Flight CA403 was given priority landing and the aircraft landed on Changi’s runway 20L without any further incident. The aircraft stopped on the runway and passengers evacuated the aircraft via slides. Emergency services extinguished a left-hand engine (PW1127G) fire.

a group of people sitting in an airplane
Cabin filled with smoke.

“Flight CA403 from the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu encountered smoke in the forward cargo hold and lavatory while on its way to the city-state.”

Singapore Changi Airport spokesperson

Footage shared on the internet shows visible fire on the left-hand engine and the cabin filled with heavy smoke. Alongside, some passengers could be seen covering their mouths.

Nine passengers on flight CA403 reportedly sustained minor injuries related to smoke inhalation and abrasions, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

“Nine passengers sustained minor injuries related to smoke inhalation and abrasions during the evacuation process. One aircraft was diverted to Batam, Indonesia, during the period of the runway closure.”

CAAS spokesperson.

Following the occurrence, one of the runways at Changi Airport was closed for about three hours until the aircraft was towed to a parking stand. In the meantime, a Scoot Airbus A320 operating flight TR635 from Hat Yai, Thailand was diverted to the nearby island of Batam in Indonesia.

Feature Image via Twitter (@FATIIIAviation)