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Saudia Unveils New Brand Identity and Livery

SAUDIA has unveiled a new brand identity and livery during an event in Jeddah, restoring its 1980s brand design with minor updates. The new brand image looks familiar as it is a reworked logo and font used by the airline from 1971 to 1996. Currently, an Airbus A321neo, Boeing 777, and 787 feature the retro livery.

In a momentous event graced by Royal Highnesses, Excellencies, and leaders from various sectors, Saudia, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, unveiled its new brand identity and livery. This revelation marks the commencement of a new era for the airline, one deeply intertwined with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aimed at bringing the world to the Kingdom.

New Brand Color and Uniform

According to SAUDIA, the new brand prominently features three distinct colors.

Green symbolizes national pride

  • representing the flag and the palm tree symbolizing Saudi generosity, culture, and hospitality 
  • This color identity also signifies the group’s dedication to advancing the ambitious goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Blue Symbolizing Aspirations

  • The color blue is symbolic of Saudi Group’s aspirations, representing the seas and skies. 
  • It reflects the group’s commitment to expanding the fleet of all the airline subsidiaries to 318 aircraft serving 175 destinations, like Neom and the Red Sea, connecting the world to Saudi Arabia by 2030.

Sand Color Signifying Rich Heritage

  • The sand color, inspired by desert dunes, symbolizes the wealth of Saudi Arabia’s homeland. 
  • It reinforces authenticity, values, and deep-rooted heritage. 
  • This color signifies the commitment to human resources, attracting ambitious talents, and fostering their development through various projects. 
  • It also symbolizes the infrastructure of SAUDIA Group such as the MRO Village, Flights Operations Building, and Saudia Academy 
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Saudia’s New Brand Identity

“We are experiencing a new era and a very exciting time for SAUDIA. Our airline has evolved from a Douglas DC-3 aircraft in 1945, to a 140-aircraft modern fleet serving over 100 destinations, becoming one of the largest airlines in the region.”

His Excellency Engr. Ibrahim Al-Omar, Director General of Saudia Group

“The name and logo of SAUDIA are integral parts of the Kingdom’s aviation history and development, and our people share a special emotional connection with the brand. We have incorporated this rich heritage into our new identity, adding elements that reflect our visionary approach, poised to captivate the world.”

Moreover, SAUDIA’s rebranding extends to its staff with new uniforms for cabin crew and ground personnel.

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SAUDIA’s New Cabin Crew Uniform

SAUDIA’s rebranding efforts are not merely cosmetic; they signify a shift in the airline’s approach to customer service, with a major emphasis on the digital aspects. The airline is planning to revolutionize the guest experience by infusing it with Saudi culture.

The journey begins with a distinctive fragrance and sonic identity, locally designed to leave guests with a lasting impression of Saudi Arabia’s warmth and hospitality. According to the carrier, this culinary adventure serves as a gateway to a deeper appreciation of Saudi culture, not only for international visitors but also for Saudi nationals.

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Saudia’s New Brand Identity

Digital Transformation Strategy

In parallel with its rebranding efforts, SAUDIA has embarked on a substantial digital transformation journey. The airline has taken a step forward by introducing a generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) virtual assistant named “SAUDIA.” This digital companion is expected to streamline the entire customer transaction process, providing efficiency and convenience to passengers.

“The ambitious, long-planned digital transformation, fully improves customer experience, but also allows more streamlined operations and processes while ensuring the highest levels of protection of guests’ personal data, through strong partnerships with global leading companies.”

SAUDIA Spokesperson
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According to the airline, it aims to position Saudi Arabia as a global aviation leader, enhancing the customer experience, improving safety standards, and promoting sustainability. Saudia’s expansion plans, targeting 330 million visitors to the Kingdom by 2030, are integral to realizing this ambitious vision.