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The World’s Most On-Time Airlines 2023

In this post, we reveal the top 10 airlines that offered the most on-time performance in 2023, according to CIRIUM.

*Note that for a flight to be on time, it must arrive at the gate within 15 minutes.

Top 10 Global Airlines for On-Time Performance

Taking the lead globally for on-time arrivals in 2023 is AVIANCA, with an on-time arrival rate of 85.73%. Following closely behind is Azul Airlines, securing the second position with 85.51%, while Qatar Airways takes the third spot with 85.11%.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1SA AVIANCA (AV)85.73%213,039
2Azul (AD)85.51%310,972
3Qatar Airways (QR)85.11%183,090
4Delta Air Lines (DL)84.72%1,635,486
5Iberia (IB)84.38%170,750
6LATAM Airlines (LA)84.00%508,721
7ANA (NH)82.75%302,279
8JAL (JL)82.58%308,302
9Saudia (SV)81.29%174,256
10American Airlines (AA)80.61%1,998,844

Note that for the Global airlines category, Cirium considers the Top 10% of all passenger airlines by Available Seat Kilometres (ASKs), flights and seats. Moreover, the airline must also serve at least three regions.

Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in North America

In North America, Delta Air Lines continues its reign as the leader in on-time performance, boasting an impressive 84.72% on-time arrival rate. Alaska Airlines and American Airlines secured the second and third positions with on-time arrival rates of 82.25% and 80.61% respectively.

Moreover, Delta Air Lines has once again showcased its operational capabilities by winning the Cirium Platinum Award for the third consecutive year.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Delta Air Lines (DL)84.72%1,635,486
2Alaska Airlines (AS)82.25%404,925
3American Airlines (AA)80.61%1,998,844
4United Airlines (UA)80.04%1,513,432
5Southwest Airlines (WN)76.26%1,459,926
6Spirit Airlines (NK)71.16%298,600
7WestJet (WS)69.29%182,296
8Frontier Airlines (F9)68.68%191,369
9JetBlue Airways (B6)68.33%350,731
10Air Canada (AC)63.17%376,451

“This prestigious accolade is a testament to Delta’s unwavering commitment to punctuality and operational excellence. The Cirium Platinum Award is not just about on-time performance; it also considers the airline’s network, volume of flights, and the ability to limit the impact of flight disruptions on passengers.”

Mike Malik, Chief Marketing Officer of CIRIUM
Delta Boeing 767 Drops Escape Slide on Approach

Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Asia Pacific

Across the Asia Pacific region, ANA leads the pack with an on-time arrival rate of 82.75%, closely followed by JAL with 82.58%.

Thai AirAsia and IndiGo also earn notable positions among the top performers, highlighting these low-cost carrier’s dedication to ensuring timely arrivals for passengers traveling within the region.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1ANA (NH)82.75%302,279
2JAL (JL)82.58%308,302
3Thai AirAsia (FD)82.52%113,871
4IndiGo (6E)82.12%678,446
5Air New Zealand (NZ)79.68%175,876
6Garuda Indonesia (GA)78.67%61,525
7Singapore Airlines (SQ)78.57%99,653
8Philippine Airlines (PR)77.46%106,720
9Vietnam Airlines (VN)77.46%150,674
10Cathay Pacific (CX)76.32%73,578
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Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Europe

In Europe, Iberia Express emerged as the top performer with an on-time arrival rate of 84.58%. Iberia and Austrian Airlines also maintain strong performances, securing positions among the top three airlines for on-time arrivals.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Iberia Express (12)84.58%40,985
2Iberia (IB)84.38%170,750
3Austrian (OS)82.99%113,587
4LOT – Polish Airlines (LO)82.83%96,112
5Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY)82.75%82,791
6Vueling (VY)80.85%216,594
7Finnair (AY)80.39%100,566
8Norwegian Air Sweden (D8)76.65%56,852
9Icelandair (FI)76.48%34,514
10KLM (KL)76.29%240,533
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Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Latin America

Copa Airlines leads the way in Latin America, achieving an on-time arrival rate of 89.46%.

AVIANCA and Azul Airlines also demonstrated commendable performances, underscoring their continuous commitment to ensuring punctuality.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Copa Airlines (CM)89.46%115,657
2SA AVIANCA (AV)85.73%213,039
3Azul (AD)85.51%310,972
4LATAM Airlines (LA)84.00%508,721
5Caribbean Airlines (BW)81.73%26,644
6Sky Airline (H2)80.57%53,459
7Aeromexico (AM)77.48%203,632
8Gol (G3)76.63%225,858
9Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)73.95%114,227

“Latin America continued to see growth in operations throughout 2023. The top carriers in the region operated at 117% of their pre-pandemic levels and are fully expected to continue to see growth in 2024.”

Jay Morgan Director, Professional Data Services, Cirium
Who is Flying the Boeing 737 MAX?
Copa Airlines Boeing 737 MAX

Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Middle East & Africa

Oman Air topped the list of the airlines in the Middle East & Africa region, boasting an impressive on-time arrival rate of 92.53%.

Moreover, Safair and Royal Jordanian also earned notable positions among the top performers, with on-time arrival rates of 92.36% and 87.51% respectively.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Oman Air (WY)92.53%45,908
2Safair (FA)92.36%55,444
3Royal Jordanian (RJ)87.51%32,706
4Qatar Airways (QR)85.11%183,090
5Etihad Airways (EY)82.90%65,376
6Saudia (SV)81.29%174,256
7Middle East Airlines (ME)79.15%23,397
8Emirates (EK)78.48%164,442
9Kuwait Airways (KU)73.18%32,727
10Kenya Airways (KQ)71.86%41,905

“Oman Air once again achieved the highest on-time performance score of 92.53% for the Middle East and Africa region in 2023. This was also the highest score among all carriers across all categories. On-time performance in the region was especially competitive with Safair following closely behind taking 2nd place and Royal Jordanian taking 3rd place.”

Lydia Webb, Marketing Director, Cirium
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Oman Air B787 Business Class

Top 10 Low-Cost Airlines for On-Time Performance

Safair leads the pack among low-cost carriers worldwide, achieving an outstanding on-time arrival rate of 92.36%.

Azul Airlines and Hong Kong Express follow closely behind, securing positions among the top three low-cost carriers for on-time performance. These airlines also demonstrate that affordability does not compromise punctuality.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Safair (FA)92.36%55,444
2Azul (AD)85.51%310,972
3Hong Kong Express (UO)85.23%23,761
4Jetstar Japan (GK)84.60%33,932
5Iberia Express (12)84.58%40,985
6Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY)82.75%82,791
7Thai AirAsia (FD)82.52%113,871
8IndiGo (6E)82.12%678,446
9Vueling (VY)80.85%216,594
10Sky Airline (H2)80.57%53,459
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While various factors can influence on-time performance, including weather conditions and operational challenges, the airlines mentioned above have consistently delivered on their commitment to punctuality in 2023.

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Source: CIRIUM