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World’s Most Punctual Airlines in February 2024

In this article, we reveal the top 10 airlines that offered the best on-time performance in February 2024, according to CIRIUM.

*Note that for a flight to be on time, it must arrive at the gate within 15 minutes.

Top 10 Global Airlines for On-Time Performance

Aeromexico emerged as the most punctual and the most improved airline for February, boasting an impressive on-time performance (OTP) of 90.66%. This marked a significant 12.5-point increase compared to January’s performance of 78.13%, making it the standout achiever for the month.

Delta Air Lines secured the second-place position globally, achieving an OTP of 89.27%, whereas Iberia claimed the third-place spot in the global rankings with an OTP of 88.08%. United Airlines and Azul secured the fourth and fifth position globally with an OTP of 84.91% and 84.83% respectively.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Aeromexico (AM)90.66%15,206
2Delta Air Lines (DL)89.27%123,748
3Iberia (IB)88.08%13,740
4United Airlines (UA)84.91%118,062
5Azul (AD)84.83%24,889
6American Airlines (AA)84.43%163,119
7Avianca (AV)83.88%20,618
8Qatar Airways (QR)83.27%16,292
9ANA (NH)82.85%23,052
10Lufthansa (LH)82.48%31,210

Note that for the Global airlines category, Cirium considers the Top 10% of all passenger airlines by Available Seat Kilometres (ASKs), flights and seats. Moreover, the airline must also serve at least three regions.

Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in North America

In February, North America witnessed a remarkable improvement in on-time performance (OTP) as a result of a significant 77% reduction in cancelled flights.

Delta Air Lines maintained its dominance in the region, achieving an OTP of 89.27%, marking nearly a 10-point surge from the previous month. United Airlines followed closely in second place, boasting an OTP of 84.91%.

Notably, American Airlines made a noteworthy leap from fifth to third place, securing an OTP of 84.43%. Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines also demonstrated substantial improvements, securing the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Delta Air Lines (DL)89.27%123,748
2United Airlines (UA)84.91%118,062
3American Airlines (AA)84.43%163,119
4Alaska Airlines (AS)81.91%30,297
5Southwest Airlines (WN)81.88%107,735
6Frontier Airlines (F9)80.30%15,247
7Spirit Airlines (NK)78.33%22,833
8Air Canada (AC)75.28%29,179
9JetBlue (B6)75.24%25,510
10WestJet (WS)68.84%14,592

Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Asia Pacific

Singapore Airlines led the APAC region with an OTP of 84.12%, followed closely by ANA and Cathay Pacific.

Japan Airlines and Garuda Indonesia rounded out the top five, each demonstrating an OTP performance of over 80%. Additionally, the APAC region observed a significant 21% decrease in cancelled flights compared to January 2024.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Singapore Airlines (SQ)84.12%9,098
2ANA (NH)82.85%23,052
3Cathay Pacific (CX)82.03%7,499
4JAL (JL)81.41%24,632
5Garuda Indonesia (GA)81.09%5,586
6AirAsia (AK)80.90%13,774
7Peach Aviation (MM)78.75%4,447
8Philippine Airline (PR)78.23%8,918
9Air New Zealand (NZ)76.70%14,535
10Jetstar (JQ)75.85%9,343

Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Europe

In Europe, Austrian Airlines retained its top position with a remarkable OTP of 92.96%, showcasing improvement over the previous month. Iberia Express, Aegean Airlines, ITA Airways, and Vueling also secured top spots in the region with an average OTP of over 90% among the top five.

February witnessed considerable OTP enhancements across most airlines in Europe, accompanied by a 7% decrease in cancelled flights.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Austrian (OS)92.96%7,105
2Iberia Express (12)90.15%3,278
3Aegean Airlines (A3)89.67%6,426
4ITA Airways (AZ)89.32%9,838
5Vueling (VY)89.11%14,639
6Iberia (IB)88.08%13,740
7Eurowings (EW)87.16%8,185
8LOT Polish Airlines (LO)86.68%7,077
9Air Europa (UX)85.70%5,168
10Wizz Air Malta (W4)85.30%9,351
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Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Latin America

Latin America experienced a notable 35% reduction in flight cancellations in February, with Copa Airlines emerging as the region’s frontrunner with an impressive OTP of 91.66%.

Aeromexico displayed commendable improvement, climbing from seventh to second place with an OTP of 90.66%. Caribbean Airlines, Azul, and Avianca made it into the top five most punctual airlines in the region.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Copa Airlines (CM)91.66%9,777
2Aeromexico (AM)90.66%15,206
3Caribbean Airlines (BW)87.94%2,419
4Azul (AD)84.83%24,889
5Avianca (AV)83.88%20,618
6Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)82.92%9,887
7Gol (G3)82.43%15,876
8LATAM Airlines (LA)82.12%43,699
9Sky Airline (H2)71,77%5,064

Top 10 Airlines for On-Time Performance in Middle East & Africa

Despite a marginal decrease in OTP for most airlines, the Middle East & Africa region witnessed a notable 35% reduction in cancelled flights in February.

Safair emerged as the leader with an impressive OTP of 93.96%, followed by Oman Air, and Gulf Air in the top three. Safair led both the Middle East & Africa region and the Low-Cost Carrier category last month.

On-Time RankingAirlinesOn-Time ArrivalTotal Flights
1Safair (FA)93.96%4,262
2Oman Air (WY)88.11%3,731
3Gulf Air (GF)84.08%3,908
4Qatar Airways (QR)83.27%16,292
5Saudia (SV)81.56%15,042
6Kuwait Airways (KU)79.43%2,839
7Royal Jordanian (RJ)76.14%2,189
8Etihad Airways (EY)75.64%6,223
9Middle East Airlines (ME)75.09%1,320
10Royal Air Maroc (AT)71,71%4,563

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Source: CIRIUM