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Safe Air Boeing 727 Incident

Safe Air B727 Collides With Disabled MD-82 in South Sudan

On 31st March 2024, a Safe Air Boeing 727 collided with a disabled MD-82 at Malakal Airfield in South Sudan. Following the collision, the B727 broke into two parts and all those onboard disembarked the aircraft with minor injuries.

The Safe Air Boeing 727-200F with registration 5Y-IRE was attempting to land when it ran off the side of the runway and struck the stationery MD-82. As a result of the collision, the B727’s undercarriage collapsed and broke into two parts before coming to rest. All seven people on board the Safe Air aircraft were rescued with minor injuries.

The African Express Airways MD-82, with registration 5Y-AXL, had sustained substantial damage after landing short of the runway threshold at the same airport in February. The MD-82 had touched down short of the runway and suffered the collapse of the main gear.

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Safe Air Boeing 727 Incident. Image: Breaking Aviation News & Videos

“A large cargo plane landed and crashed at our airport at 11 a.m. This plane landed a few meters outside the runway, causing its tires to burst and turn inside out. As a result, the plane lost control and hit a plane that had previously crashed.”

Bol Mijok Lual, Acting Airport General Manager

According to local reports, the aircraft had been instrumental in the evacuation of ex-Afghan special forces from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in 2021.

Official reports stated that the B727 was carrying supplies from Juba to Malakal when the aircraft crash-landed. The aircraft reportedly encountered problems while landing, and was forced to make an emergency landing.

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Safe Air Boeing 727 Incident. Image: Breaking Aviation News & Videos

Moreover, Governor James Odhok expressed his concerns about the state of the aircraft and its ability to handle emergencies. He also called for the expansion and improvements of the runway to meet all the safety standards.

An investigation is underway to determine the detailed cause of the incident.

Feature Image via Breaking Aviation News & Videos