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Dubai Airport Flooded – Flight Cancellation and Disruptions

Dubai International Airport was struck by heavy rains and flooding on Tuesday, leading to significant flight disruptions. The downpour caused a series of issues, affecting tens of thousands of passengers.

The airport, which typically handles over 100 flight arrivals on a normal evening, was forced to suspend operations for around 25 minutes. Despite the resumption of scheduled flights in the evening, flight operations encountered delays and cancellations.

At least five dozens of incoming and outgoing flights were canceled on Tuesday evening alone.

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DXB Flood. Image via FL360aero

While the initial flooding appears to have subsided, the full impact on flight schedules is still being assessed. Travelers flying into or out of Dubai are advised to closely monitor their airline’s communication channels for updates on flight status and rebooking options. The airport officials have also advised the same.

“We advise you NOT to come to the airport, unless absolutely necessary. Flights continue to be delayed and diverted. Please check your flight status directly with your airline. We are working hard to recover operations as quickly as possible in very challenging conditions.”

DXB Spokesperson
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Almost Empty DXB Terminal
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Flight Diversions. Image: FlightRadar24

Update 15:00 UTC Time, April 19

Airlines operating to and from Dubai have been forced to cancel or delay flights. Thousands of passengers have been stranded at DXB, including families, children, elderly just sleeping on the floor.

Emirates, the dominant carrier at DXB, has suspended check-in for all customers in our network with onward connections through Dubai until 23:59 hrs GMT, April 19 (03:59 hrs Dubai time, April 20). However, Emirates stated that passengers with connections in Dubai will only be accepted at their point of origin if their flight departs after 23:59 hrs GMT, April 19.

Passengers already in Dubai and in transit will be accepted on their flights. Customers traveling to Dubai as their final destination may check in and travel as usual. Multiple carriers, including flyDubai and Air Arabia, have also experienced significant cancellations and delays.

Standing water on taxiways and runways has been hampering operations, making it difficult for aircraft to navigate. Passengers are also facing challenges reaching the airport due to flooded roads.

Air India has also canceled flights to and from Dubai due to continued operational disruptions at Dubai Airport.

a jet plane in the rain
DXB Flood. Image: Jamie Smith

flyDubai temporally suspended all of its flights departing from Dubai until Wednesday morning due to the flood. The low-cost carrier continues to face delays and cancellations as the standing water has hampered operations.

“All flydubai flights scheduled for departure from Dubai this evening (16 April) have been canceled effective immediately until 10:00 (Dubai local time) on 17 April. During this period, passengers who do not have Dubai as their final destination will not be accepted for travel.”

flyDubai spokesperson

a group of people sitting on benches in a terminal
Passengers stranded at DXB

Moreover, Air Arabia has also suspended check-in for flights to and from Sharjah International Airport until 02:00 am (April 18).

Footage shared on social media showed aircraft navigating through several inches of water, submerging the airport’s apron and taxiways entirely.

Feature Image via Jamie Smith

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