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Air Europa B787 Hits Severe Turbulence, Injures 30+ Passengers

On 1st July 2024, an Air Europa Boeing 787 encountered severe turbulence en route to Montevideo, Uruguay, injuring at least 30 people on board. One of the passengers even got stuck in the overhead luggage compartment.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with registration EC-MTI was operating flight UX45 from Madrid, Spain to Montevideo, Uruguay with 345 people on board. Flight UX45 departed from Madrid on June 30. 

However, while the B787 was en route at FL360 over the Atlantic Ocean, it encountered severe turbulence, injuring 30 people on board, as reported by the Aviation Herald.

a screenshot of a computer screen
Air Europe Flight UX45. Photo: FlightRadar24
a group of people in an airplane
Damaged Ceiling. Photo: FL360aero

Following the severe turbulence, flight UX45 diverted to Natal, Brazil, and made an emergency landing at Aluizio Alves International Airport. 

One of the passengers got stuck in the overhead luggage compartment due to the turbulence. Footage has surfaced showing the stuck passenger being pulled out from the hand luggage area.

Ten people reportedly hit their heads during the turbulence and had cervical fractures, facial injuries, and chest pain, as reported by the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Service.

Moreover, footage shared on the internet shows the damage to the ceiling panels as well as a broken seat’s backrest.

a seat with a screen on it
Broken Backrest. Photo: Aviation Herald
a group of people sitting in an airplane
Damaged Ceiling. Photo: Drazela

According to Natal’s State Department of Public Health, the injured ones were taken to local hospitals, and 15 ambulances were dispatched to the airport.

Seven passengers were treated for injuries of varying degrees, in addition to several people with minor bruises.