A Flight with ABBA! Air Belgium – British Airways A340

In this video, I traveled on Air Belgium A340 operating for British Airways flight from Dubai to London in Business Class (Club World). Find out how this interesting mega hybrid experience fare. Is the Air Belgium product better than British Airways one? I also gave some hints and tips on this flight. Let's fly together by watching the video!

Owing to recent problems with the Rolls Royce engines of the British Airways 787 Dreamliner aeroplane, we took this British Airways flight on board the Air Belgium A340. It was an interesting hybrid flying experience, with the crew and aeroplane being from Air Belgium but the food, pillows, accessories and decoration being supplied by British Airways. So you see, we weren’t kidding, we really did fly with ABBA!

Before take-off, see inside the British Airways Dubai lounge and all of the tasty food they have to offer, as well as the exclusive first class, Concorde bar section.

During the flight, we examine the sleeping arrangements provided by British Airways as well as the quality of the on-boarding catering, including the provision of main meal, dessert and snacks, and the on-board entertainment system.

We also speak with the, as always, extremely diverse range of air crew hailing from everywhere from Belgium to China to Mauritius and we find out what makes them excited to provide a first class service to passengers on board. We also meet the friendly Belgian pilot, and briefly discuss the impact that the day’s strong head-winds had on our flight.

Relax and enjoy the flight and be sure to leave a comment down below on what you thought of it all!