Air New Zealand All Blacks B777-300/ER to London

Last month, I visited LAX Air Traffic Control Tower. After some amazing plane spotting from the tower, I flew with Air New Zealand All Black B777-300/ER from Los Angeles to London. Air NZ have been proudly serving this route for 40 years but will be discontinuing London service in October citing it cannot compete effectively. This flight is currently the longest one stop flight in the world originating in Auckland, New Zealand via LA to London.

During my flight, I checked out the Air New Zealand current Business Class product include seat, food and beverage, amenity kits and the bedding. I also checked out the Air New Zealand Skycouch product in Economy which is a first in the airline industry. The 3 seats can convert into a flat bed for yourself or share with children. The UK based Air NZ crew were very friendly and actively showing me their finest food and beverage onboard. I even made some friends on the flight due to the outward herringbone seating in Business Class. After landing, I was allowed in the cockpit to have a quick briefing from the captain. We flew 9 hours 40 minutes from LA to London.

This trip and vlog was made in February. I strongly advise against all non-essential travel for the time being.