Airport Secrets: The Mind-Blowing Operation of Qatar Aviation Services

We follow Qatar Aviation Services (QAS) on how they handle operations, passengers, baggage, and aircraft at Hamad International Airport, Qatar.

At dawn, a Japan Airlines B787 had just landed. Ground handling activities started as soon as the aircraft taxied to the parking stand. This video shows how airport ground handler works with aircraft, operations, passengers and baggage. In just 2.5 hours, the B787 is ready to depart. I was sitting inside the push-back tug with the engineer to push back the 250-ton Boeing 787. QAS services more than 45 airlines at Hamad Int’l Airport.

Next, I discover the state-of-the-art baggage handling and sorting system. It is like entering a maze of tracks, all of them are handled by computers and scanners. The inbound baggage gets sorted into short-term and long-term transit. Each bag will go to its respective baggage belt through the 14 km long tracks.

Then, I visited the operational control center of Qatar Aviation Service, the supervisor explained how they keep track of everything on ground handling and respond to aircraft emergencies such as shortages of fuel and diversions. I took a deeper look at the centralized load control center to calculate and check the weight and balance of each departing aircraft.

Last, I visited the world’s largest airport service depot to see how airport vehicles and tractors are being serviced. Cobus, tugs, tractors and trucks are all periodically checked and serviced under one roof. This video shows an in-depth reveal of airport and ramp services.